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2 Lac + Happy Patients

2 Lac + Happy Patients

Best Circumcision Hospital in India

Best Circumcision Hospital in India As Per Google(4.9) ★★★★★

Best Circumcision Hospital in India As Per Google, Practo, JustDial (4.9) ★★★★★

NABH Accredited Hospital

NABH Accredited Hospital

International recognized doctors

International recognized doctors.

Topmost Referral Centre for Advance Circumcision Stapler

Topmost Referral Centre for Advance Circumcision Stapler

Experienced and skilled surgeons

Experienced and skilled surgeons

Best Hospital for piles as per Practo (4.9)

Best Hospital for Circumcision as per Practo (4.9) ★★★★★

Best Healthcare service as per JustDial (4.9)

Best Healthcare service as per JustDial (4.9) ★★★★★

Difference between Conventional and Stapler / Alisklamp Procedure

Conventional Stapler / Alisklamp
Pain High Low
Treatment Device Outdated Advance
Stay at Hospital Long Short
Blood Loss High Minimal
Inflammation Yes No
Post-op care High Minimum

Patient Journey at Healing Hands Clinic

What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin, the skin covering the tip of the penis.

Benefits of Circumcision
Improved genital hygiene
Reduced risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Lower incidence of penile problems
Potential reduction in penile cancer risk

Treatment for Circumcision / Phimosis

Alisklamp is a new generation disposable circumcision clamp device. It has been recently introduced in India, and works on the basis of an advanced circumcision technique. There is no bleeding, and because the local anesthesia , there is no sensation of pain too. The extra foreskin which is on the tube above the clamp is removed by making a clean cut on it.

The circumcision anastomat consists of a cylindrical body with a cutting mechanism and a clamping mechanism. The device is typically made of sterile, disposable materials to ensure safety and prevent the risk of infection. During the procedure, the circumcision anastomat is placed around the penis, and the foreskin is pulled through a small opening in the device. The clamping mechanism is then activated, securing the foreskin in place. Once the foreskin is securely held, the cutting mechanism is engaged, creating a circumferential incision along the predetermined line. After the incision is made, any excess foreskin beyond the incision line is removed

Painless Treatment for Circumcision using Anastomat ZSR Device

Circumcision Alisklamp | Healing Hands Clinic

Phimosis and it’s different types | Healing Hands Clinic

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