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Healing Hands Clinic - India’s Preferred Destination for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Gurugram

2 Lac + Happy Patients

2 Lac + Happy Patients

Best Pilonidal Sinus Hospital in India

Best Pilonidal Sinus Hospital in India As Per Google(4.9) ★★★★★

'Centre of Excellence in Proctology'

'Centre of Excellence in Proctology'

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Experienced and skilled surgeons

Topmost Referral Centre for Pilonidal Sinus

Topmost Referral Centre for Pilonidal Sinus

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An inflammatory disorder affecting the hair follicles, pilonidal sinus disease can develop anywhere along the crease between the buttocks, which runs from the sacrum (the bone at the base of the spine) to the anus. There is no connection between benign conditions and malignancy.

Healing Hands Clinic is a pioneering institution in proctological care, demonstrating specialized expertise in the advanced treatment of anorectal conditions like Piles, fissure, fistula, pilonidal sinus, and constipation. As a dedicated healthcare center, we introduce innovative solutions to address the needs of residents in India.

Distinguished for conducting the highest number of Stapled Haemorrhoidopexies for haemorrhoids on a monthly basis in Asia, our clinic has been a trailblazer in introducing laser procedures for haemorrhoids in India. Currently, we lead Asia in the number of laser procedures for Haemorrhoids performed. Upholding the principle of "curing with care," our proctology team, characterized by deep empathy for the patient's pain, is devoted to providing outstanding healthcare.

Noteworthy is Healing Hands Clinic's exceptional achievement in reducing the recurrence rate of hemorrhoids to less than 1%, a significant accomplishment compared to the industry norm of 20-25%. This success is maintained through regular follow-ups and meticulous supervision of our patients' health.

Acknowledged as a top-tier Proctology facility in the country, Healing Hands Clinic holds NABH approval (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and is a certified Training facility for Proctology in India, endorsed by MUHS. Globally, our center has trained over 100 surgeons and doctors, attracting participants from across seven seas. Recognized as a center of excellence, Healing Hands Clinic is the preferred training destination for surgeons from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia seeking expertise in the field of proctology.

What is Piloniadal Sinus?

Pilonidal sinus is a discomforting ailment that impacts the skin and tissue in the buttocks region. This condition predominantly occurs in young adults, especially those with pronounced skin creases. The root cause of the condition lies in the blockage of hair follicles, resulting in the buildup of pus and bacteria. Typically originating as a minor cyst or bump, the ailment has the potential to evolve into a painful and infected state over time.

Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus

Managing Pilonidal sinus involves a intricate procedure wherein the cyst and the underlying sinus are surgically removed. The objective of this treatment is to minimize infection and attain a sustained recovery. In some cases, the initial procedure may prove insufficient, necessitating additional interventions. Depending on the specific cause, the physician may prescribe medications to alleviate swelling and facilitate the healing process.

Dormant Pilonidal sinuses, which are not infected, typically do not require treatment. However, precautions should be observed during this latent phase to mitigate the risk of infection and consequently, the need for surgery.

It is crucial to observe the following safety measures :

  • Maintain optimal cleanliness and dryness in the area.
  • Avoid extended periods of sitting or driving.
  • Utilize a razor or hair removal cream to eliminate hair from the region. Consulting a dermatologist, a specialist in skin care, and exploring the possibility of laser hair removal for a permanent solution is advisable.

A Pilonidal sinus that is infected can lead to pain and discharge, potentially necessitating surgical intervention.

Pilonidal Sinus Causes

  • Elevated likelihood is more prevalent among men.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Prolonged sitting, particularly relevant for professions like drivers.
  • Dense, coarse, and curly body hair.
  • verweight or obese individuals.
  • Previous trauma to the affected area.
  • Family history of Pilonidal sinus.
  • Wide gap between the buttocks.
  • Past history of Pilonidal cyst.

Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

  • Repeated occurrences of pain or swelling around the tailbone.
  • Foul-smelling fluid discharge, which may be yellowish, pus-like, or bloody, emanating from the tailbone area.
  • Noticeable bulge beneath the skin in that region.
  • Certain activities, like sitting upright while riding a bike, can be exceptionally painful.
  • Presence of fever.

Surgical Procedure

1. Minor operation to drain pus from sinus - Incision and drainage
  • Depending on the extent of the abscess, a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic may be used.
  • Regular (daily) changes of clothing
  • It takes 4 to 6 weeks to recuperate
2. Operation to remove sinuses (wound left open) - Extensive removal and open healing
  • Hospital stays under general anaesthesia (you can usually leave the same day).
  • Regular (daily) changes of clothing
  • 6 to 12 weeks of recuperation time have the lowest chance of sinus recurrence.
3. Operation to remove sinuses (wound closed) - Excision, wound healing, and frequently flattening of the buttocks groove
  • Hospital stays under general anaesthesia (you can usually leave the same day)
  • Compared to extensive excision and open healing, which have a faster recovery time, stitches are removed roughly 10 days following surgery.
  • They have a higher risk of infection (the wound may need to be opened and dressings changed regularly)
4. Laser Pilonidoplasty (LPP)
  • Since a wide excision typically requires 6 to 8 weeks for wound healing,
  • Recovery is noticeably quicker.
  • Recurrence rates are quite low.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Prior to infection, a Pilonidal sinus is not considered a serious medical condition. Medical intervention becomes necessary only when dealing with infected Pilonidal sinuses.

The swelling and discharge of pus may temporarily subside at times, but recurrence is common. Most cases of infected Pilonidal sinus do not tend to resolve on their own.

Pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness will be felt at the top of your buttocks. Sitting down may cause additional pain, as pus may discharge from the cyst. Moreover, the Pilonidal sinus contains hair.

No, in contrast to surgeries for conditions like fistulas and fissures, pilonidal sinus surgery typically results in less pain. The use of local anesthesia during the surgery ensures a pain-free experience, and there is minimal discomfort afterward.

Patient Resources

A patient suffering from Pilonidal Sinus successfully treated at Healing Hands Clinic

A patient suffering from Pilonidal Sinus successfully treated at Healing Hands Clinic

A patient suffering from Pilonidal Sinus successfully treated at Healing Hands Clinic

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