Dr Paresh M Gandhi

D.N.B.( Surgery ),
FCPS Surgery
Laser Varicose Veins & Hernia Surgeon

A culmination of hard work and sincerity, Dr Paresh Gandhi has been an integral part of the growth of Healing Hands Clinic. Dr Gandhi is an expert in Laser Varicose Veins ablation. In addition, he is well versed with using the Laser for various anorectal disorders. He has worked with Dr John Murphy and has fine hands at 3D Mesh hernia repair. He has also undergone certified training in Wound Management from the Madeleine Flanagan University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Dr Gandhi’s achievements speak of his consistent efforts and dedication towards his work. His longstanding association with Healing Hands Clinic makes him one of the pillars of strength of the organisation.

Dr Deepak Kulkarni

D.N.B.( Surgery )
Hernia specialist and GI Endoscopist

Calm and composed, Dr Deepak Kulkarni’s contribution to Healing Hands Clinic has been a vital element in widening the scope of services that the clinic offers. Having graduated ( M.B.B.S ) from J.N. Medical College, Karnataka, he completed his D.N.B. in General Surgery. The determination to be at par with the rising standards of medical services saw him pursue Fellowships in Laparoscopy ( FMAS, FIAGES ), and gain expertise in Endoscopy through various certified courses.

Dr Kulkarni specializes in 3D Mesh Repair for hernia and has successfully treated complicated cases of Obstructed and Recurrent hernias. With his Fellowship in Endoscopy, Dr Kulkarni also looks after the Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy procedures at all the HHC centres in Pune.

Dr Chaitanya Shah

Dip.in Proctology
Consultant Proctologist

Dr Chaitanya Shah is at the helm of the Healing Hands Clinic at PCMC, Pune. Having worked with Dr Porwal in Proctology, he is now an expert in managing patients with anorectal disorders. Newfound interest in this field coupled with the urge to provide facilities to a larger section of Pune, lead to the establishment of the Chinchwad branch of the clinic. Dr Shah’s dedication towards his work is evident in the finesse with which he manages the clinic. Dr Shah’s surgical skills, affable conduct and his empathy towards patients are the qualities that surely make him an ideal doctor.

Dr Nehal Patel

Dip.in Proctology
Consultant Proctologist

Young and dynamic, Dr Nehal Patel’s eagerness to surpass the limits of the ordinary, led her to pursue a relatively unknown specialty – Proctology. Thereupon, she trained ardently under Dr Ashwin Porwal. After a year of in depth learning that involved studying the most complicated of cases, she has gained expertise in MIPH surgery for piles and STARR surgery for chronic constipation. In fact, her mastery lies in the way she manages wound care in cases of Fistula, a predicament even for the most experienced surgeons.

Dr Patel is amongst the few proctologists in Mumbai, and probably the only leading female surgeon in a field that is witnessing a steep rise in the number of patients owing to faulty lifestyles. Her gentle and reassuring demeanour ably puts a patient’s worries to rest. In a world moving towards gender equality, Dr Nehal Patel stands out as a woman venturing into a speciality largely dominated by male surgeons.

Dr Rizwan Khan

F.A.C.S.( Urosurgery )
Circumcision specialist

Dr Rizwan Khan specializes in circumcision using the Alisklamp technique. He is amongst the few surgeons in India to have mastered this technique from Ankara, Turkey. This is the latest technique for circumcision and is almost painless, a blessing for infants who undergo this procedure.

Dr Yuvraj Mahajan

Dip. in Proctology
Consultant Proctologist

Youthful and energetic, Dr Yuvraj Mahajan is also a product of Healing Hands Clinic. Having worked in depth with Dr Porwal, he has an excellent knowledge about anorectal disorders. Not only does Dr Mahajan have a good surgical hand but he understands patient’s pain and apprehensions and gently tackles them.

Dr Mayur Narayankar

Dip.in Proctology
Consultant Proctologist

Dr Mayur Narayankar hails from the Latur district of Maharashtra. With sincerity and consistent efforts, he has today managed to carve a place for himself at Healing Hands Clinic. His smiling face and warm ways immediately puts a patient’s worries to rest. Extremely dedicated towards his work, Dr Narayankar has laid an example that one can stand against all odds and accomplish set goals.

Dr Vishwanathan Venkatesan

MS Surgery ( AFMC ), FIAGES
Dip. Proctology
Consultant Proctosurgeon

Dr Venkatesan is a dynamic and confident surgeon heading our team at Healing Hands Clinic, Bengaluru. His 21 years of experience in the medical field makes consultation a smooth experience for all our patients. He has worked in the armed forces and was serving as the on-call doctor during the Kargil war; the discipline and diligence still evident as he leads a civilian life today. Having a keen interest in Proctology, Dr Venkatesan ensures that every patient walking in for consultation walks out feeling well taken care of!

Dr Raj Gautam

General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

He has received intensive training in General Surgery at Grant Medical College and Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals which is renowned and one of the oldest Medical College in India.He has surgical and teaching experience of over 15 years and has trained undergraduate and postgraduate students.He has various publications in International and national journals.

Dr Yogesh Yelwande

Dip. Proctology
Consultant Proctologist

Dr. Yogesh Yelwande worked with Dr. Porwal in proctology. He has in depth knowledge of proctology. He has good surgical hand and works in chakan branch. He understands patients complaints well and treat them with great confidence.

Dr Akash N Bagade

M.S( General Surgery )
Dip. Proctology
Fellowship in ColoProctology ( London, Uk )
Consultant Proctologist

Young and talented, Dr Akash N Bagade brightens up any room that he walks into. His vigour and optimism provide his patients with much-needed confidence to undergo treatment. Born and raised in Mumbai, Dr Akash radiates the spirit of the city through his persistence, hard work and boundless energy. He is especially skilled at treating Complex Fistula, a challenging condition for any surgeon to treat. His protracted training with Dr Porwal has ingrained in him the inclination to pay attention to the minutest details of patient care. With his charming persona, in-depth knowledge of Proctology and compassionate demeanour, Dr Akash Bagade is the surgeon that one hopes to encounter during a spell of ill health.

Dr Anuj Kumar Patel

M.S(General Surgery),
F.M.A.S. Surgery, FIAGES Surgery
Diploma in Proctology
Consultant Proctologist & Surgeon

Proficient and empathetic, Dr Anuj Patel is a General and Laparoscopic Surgeon holding experience of 10 years in the field of proctology. He has completed MBBS from Rajiv Gandhi University of health, Bangalore in 2009. He completed MS from Dr NTRUHS, Telangana in the year 2014. He was a senior resident in the department of upgraded surgery at the prestigious Osmania general hospital one of the largest in the country.

He has received a fellowship in minimal access surgery from the college of AMASI in the year 2016 followed by Fellowship in Gastrointestinal Endo-Surgery in the year 2017 and an advanced laparoscopic and upper GI fellowship from Belgium in the year 2019.

He has performed more than 1000 proctology surgeries and general and laparoscopic surgery. Dr Anuj Patel’s surgical skills, conscientious behaviour and empathy towards patients are the qualities that surely make him an ideal doctor.

Dr Pinkesh Thakkar

M.S (General Surgery)
Fellowship in surgical gastroenterology and liver transplantation from Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi
PGDHHM from Symbiosis
Diploma in Proctology

Dr Pinkesh Thakkar, the man at the forefront of HHC’s Dubai clinic, is an alumnus of the esteemed B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad. Having completed post-graduation in General Surgery too from his alma mater, Dr Thakkar went on to achieve Fellowship In Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver. Transplant from Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. He has undergone extensive training in colorectal surgery and holds a Diploma in Proctology. Immensely skilled, Dr Thakkar’s warm and composed disposition works like a soothing balm for patients’ worries.

Dr Girish Hatalkar

Dr Girish Hatalkar comes with an experience of 30 years in the field of General Surgery. He has exceptional skills in Proctology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Having witnessed the transformation of the health care scenario over the past 3 decades, he understands the patients expectations and is adept at fulfilling them. His gentle and composed disposition instantly soothes the patient’s anxieties. He is amongst the senior surgeons of Healing Hands Clinic and stands true to the image of a respectable doctor.

Dr Pradeep Desai

MS Surgery
Dip. Proctology
PhConsultant Proctosurgeon

Dr Pradeep Desai is a soft spoken and sincere doctor, dedicated to the well-being of his patients. A college and university topper, his excellent knowledge and surgical skills are an asset to the clinic. His consistent hard work and determination coupled with a warm smiling demeanor make him a doctor one hopes to meet when in pain.

Dr Gaurang Desai

( Fellowship In Coloproctology )

Dr Gaurang Desai, with an experience of a decade-plus, makes consultation a tranquil experience for every one of our patients at Healing Hands Clinic, Surat. He has also been a part of Metas Adventist hospital as a Consultant and laparoscopic surgeon since 2007 and an Ex Assistant professor in NCHS and SMIMMER. Having a strong experience and interest in Proctology, Dr Gaurang Desai guarantees that each patient stepping in for consultation marches out of the clinic feeling well taken care of!

Dr Kishan A V

MBBS, M.S (General Surgery),
FSGE (Surgical Gastro),
Consultant Proctologist & Gastro Surgeon

Dr Kishan is an experienced and dynamic Proctosurgeon and Gastroenterologist heading our team at Healing Hands Clinic, Bengaluru. He has completed his MBBS and MS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He has received a fellowship in Gastrointestinal Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He is board-certified in both general surgery and Gastrointestinal surgery.

Dr Kishan is proficient in advanced laser treatment for Ano-Rectal disorders viz. Piles, fissure, fistula, pilonidal sinus, constipation and expert in 3D Mesh Repair for Hernia. His Speciality also includes the treatment of Gastric disorders and has performed multiple Laparoscopic procedures including Laparoscopic Appendicectomy and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

His mission in life is to provide specialized, reliable and quality health care to all his patients.

Dr. Sachin Dongare

MS ( General Surgeon )
Consultant Proctologist

Young and proactive, Dr Sachin Dongare brightens up any room when he walks in. His optimism and commitment to providing the best treatment to the patients make it much easier for the patients to undergo treatments.
Dr Dongare is known for his surgical skills and calm demeanour. His experience and knowledge add to the quality of care we have resolved to offer.