For decades or rather since time immemorial, doctors have made attempts to visualize the patients organ systems without making an incision; the x-rays and ultrasound can only tell that much. This limitation has now been negated thanks to the technique of ‘Endoscopy’.

In this Endoscopy procedure a flexible tube called the endoscope is passed through natural body openings through the affected organ system and body cavities. With the aid of the light and camera attached to endoscope, the doctor can view pictures of your organ system on a color TV monitor.

Endoscopy is highly recommended in case of problems of the digestive system to facilitate definitive diagnosis when there are symptoms like:-

Endoscopy Procedure
  1. Stomach pain

  2. Changes in bowel habits ( chronic constipation or diarrhea )

  3. Polyps or growths in the colon

In cases of suspected cancer of the rectum, endoscopy may be used to remove a biopsy sample of tissue for laboratory examination.Depending on the body part, each type of endoscopy has its own special terminology, such as,

  1. Laparoscopy ( abdomen, uterus, fallopian tube )

  2. Laryngoscopy ( vocal cords )

  3. Bronchoscopy ( lungs )

  4. Colonoscopy ( colon )

  5. Arthroscopy ( joint )

  6. Gastroscopy ( stomach )

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