With the changing lifestyle Nutrition has become the need of the hour. Stress & hectic schedules for men & women both give less time for cooking healthy meals at home. Healing Hands Clinic Nutrition & Wellness Department caters to each client with a tailor made diet as per his/her needs taking into consideration the pro’s& cons.

Clinical Nutritionist & Head of Nutrition & Wellness Centre at HHC – MsDhanashreeJadhav, consults clients with a wide array of nutritional needs & requirements as per body type.

We all now BALANCED DIET includesthe essential nutrients necessary to support life and health.Most of us are not sure whether our daily diet intake is apt with theRDA ( Recommended Dietary Allowances ).

HHC provides the client a balanced diet with RDA of calories,proteins, fats & multivitamins, making sure the body maintained with adequate exercise as well for it to stay fit & healthy.

Nutrient intake differs as per the age group. HHC consults all age group patient as follows

  1. Infancy : High proteins, fibre with inclusion of a variety of colors. Fruits also play a cruitial role.
  2. Adulthood : High fibre, antioxidants, calcium, iron & proteins are a must. Regular Exercise with Yoga is very important for being fit..
  3. Pregnancy : With the growing foetus, a women in her 3 trimesters needs the best quality nutrition to make sure her & the baby’s health stays good. Inclusion of multivitamins & iron is a must.Good fluid&fibre intake is vital for the well being of the mother. Moderate exercise is also essential for the mother.
  4. Geriatric : With growing age all nutrients become essential for the population of 60 & above.Vitamin D, calcium, iron, proteins & most important fibre as a must. Daily moderate exercise keeps their body mobile & fit.

For each ailment, diet differs as per the body weight, height & as per the blood parameters.
Food restrictions & omissions also depend on a great extent on theblood levels.

  1. Diabetes:

    A sugar free & high fibre diet is charted for the patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Whether on the borderline or severely diabetic, a patient is supposed to be updated about the allowed & avoided of food types. As rightly said, diet – medicine &exercise go hand in hand to control diabetes.
  2. Hypertension:

    A Combination of salt restricted diet, exercise, meditation & medications is the best solution to control & cure Hypertention
  3. Piles &Constipation :

    Basic cause being lifestyle & sedentary activity a strict high fibre& functional foods are included for relief from the ailment. Ample exercise for good digestion & bowel movements is advised
  4. Obesity:

    A tailor made, strict regimen of weight loss diet, exercise & lifestyle patterns are advised to the patients. Regular follow ups with the Nutritionist is scheduled as per the client protocol.Blood parameters also necessary for perfect consultation & guidance.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity & Constipation are not the only ailments that todays population falls prey to. Other problems like

  1. Acidity
  2. Gas
  3. Digestive diseases
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Vit B12 deficiency
  6. Anemia
  7. Muscle mass & Body building at gym
  8. Stress & Weakness
  9. Underweight
are also catered at Healing Hands Clinic professionally.
Nutrition and wellness center