In the haste to add up an extra penny to our bank account, we forget to pause and take a look at our lifestyle which can single handedly lead to deterioration of health-such that one ends up needing medicinal management and at times even surgery.

We, at HEALING HANDS CLINIC have set up a team that supportsand guide the patient till the end for the cure of the ailment via a combination of Medication, use of stool- softeners like Constac, Diet, Physiotherapy & Ayurveda therapy.


In early piles ( Mulvyadh ) and constipation, the first line of treatment includes medication as patients suffer from swelling, itching or even hard stools. These patients are advised anti- inflammatory drugs, analgesics a cream to relieve burning at anal region & stool softeners.


HEALING HANDS CLINIC introduces its advanced herbal, non- habit forming stool softener that not only relieves the problem of hard stools butis also effective for gas, acidity and other digestive ailments.


Not everyone understands the importance of Nutrition until it is time to take heavy doses of medicines. HEALING HANDS CLINIC not only encourages patients to eat fresh & healthy products but also provides knowledge about Nutrition & its effects with customized counseling sessions designed keeping in mind the individual’s daily routine.


During the early stages of piles ( Mulvyadh ) and constipation, there may be the issue of pelvic floor muscle weakness. Pelvic floor physiotherapy/KEGEL EXERCISES is an exercise designed to help strengthen pelvic floor through muscle contractions and help prevent problems such as early piles ( Mulvyadh ), constipation, etc. Learning to relax the pelvic via physiotherapy can ensure the prevention of surgery altogether.


When patients come with symptoms of itching, swelling, hard stools or bleeding, they are graded as early stages of piles ( Mulvyadh ) and constipation. Healing hands herbal services have their own ayurvedic oil preparations that are inserted via a catheter into the rectum. This helps in relieving the patient of the above symptoms.

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Ayurvedic treatment for piles, constipation and fissure

Non-Surgical treatment for piles, Constipation and fissure