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Get fully recovered from constipation with the best treatment only from HHC

What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition in which there are infrequent bowel movements, hard, dry and lumpy stools that are difficult or painful to pass. This can be described simply as lesser than three bowel movements in a week. Occasional constipation is more common whereas many people experience what is called chronic constipation. Chronic Constipation can interfere with one’s ability to go about daily challenges. Those who experience the later type may also strain excessively in order to have a bowel habit. At one time or other everyone gets constipated. Mostly in such cases constipation lasts for some time and not serious. If in case you have severe pain, blood in your stools or when constipation lasts longer than three week then you need to check with your Doctor.

Causes of constipation

  • Irritable bowel syndrome: People with functional intestinal difficulties like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have a higher risk of constipation than people without IBS.
  • Aging: Prevalence of constipation increases as the age of an individual increase. As people age, food in the digestive tract takes a longer time to get digest. And many people become less mobile which can also lead to constipation.
  • Dietary changes : Constipation can also be caused by a lack of fibre in the diet. Foods other than home-cooked if taken on a regular basis may also lead to disturbed bowel movements. Eating a lot of dairy products may also lead to constipation
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  • Dehydration : Low consumption of water can also trigger constipation. The food which an individual eat makes its way from the stomach to the large intestine or colon. If your body is dehydrated, the large intestine absorbs water from your waste. This makes the stools lumpy and hard and difficult to pass.
  • Resisting the urge to poop, don’t put it off – go to the bathroom when you need to.
  • Stress and irregular sleep pattern
  • Overuse of laxatives
  • Hormonal problems viz., Hypothyroidism


Doctors use your medical and family history of any surgery performed to your digestive tract.

Whether anyone in your family has a history of long lasting constipation.

Physical exam will be done to check your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature

Use of stethoscope to listen to sounds in your abdomen

Perform a rectal examination

Doctor may also perform an endoscopic examination to look inside your anus, rectum and colon.

He may also advise you to take other bowel function examination including

Defaecography (to see how well you can hold and release stool) and Anorectal manometry (to know how well your sphincter muscles work).

Treatment for constipation

Relatively, a minimum number of people, require medical intervention in case of constipation or it may result in severe consequences. In most cases constipation gets relieved by making dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, adjusting the toilet posture, use of pre and probiotics, pelvic muscle training, doing adequate exercises, and taking stool softeners.

If the constipation isn’t getting better with conservative treatment, surgery may be an option. But it depends wholly on what’s causing the problem. While there are several contributing factors, the three major subgroups include normal transit constipation, slow transit constipation, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Surgery can help if you have a blockage, anal fissures, or rectal prolapse.

In some cases neither changes in food habit nor laxatives tend to provide relief. One of the common form is Obstructed Defaecation Syndrome (ODS). In case where ODS is associated with structural anomalies like prolapse, STAPLED TRANS ANAL RECTAL RESECTION (STARR) gives beneficial results. STARR was introduced by World renowed colorectal surgeon DR. Antonio Longo. Performing STARR in an individual significantly improves constipation.

Highest successful STARR Surgery case series at Healing Hands Clinic

Dr. Ashwin Porwal was the first surgeon to perform STARR Surgery in Maharashtra, and among the first few in the country.

Dr. Porwal has trained under Dr. Longo himself.

Healing Hands Clinic currently performs the maximum number of STARR surgeries in Asia.

Healing Hands Clinic has presented papers on STARR surgery at various national and international conferences.

Our abstract on ‘Obstructed Deflection Syndrome cured with STARR Procedure: A case series of 100 consecutive patients’ was published in Colorectal Disease, The Official Journal of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland, European Society of Coloproctology – Volume 15, Supplements 3, Oct 2013

Healing Hands Clinic is a well-equipped state-of-the-art facility located in the wealthy Bharthana district of Gujarat that is certified by. It is the first of our constantly expanding chain of super-specialized proctology clinics in Gujarat. The center is well-equipped with laser technology, which is utilized to treat patients with minimum invasion and so reduce post-surgery difficulties.

Healing Hands Clinic is a registered Proctology treatment center that offers medical-grade constipation treatment.

Dr. Ashwin Porwal, the founder of Healing Hands Clinic, developed the MCDPA treatment (Medicines-Constac-Diet-Physiotherapy-Ayurveda). Hundreds of individuals suffering from chronic constipation have been cured by him. It's a one-of-a-kind blend of cutting-edge science, ancient Ayurveda, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy that ensures a complete approach to the problem and effectively enhances the chances of a positive outcome.

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