Healing Hands Clinic is a partner in your health since long time.We are now here to ensure your wellness and well being.We introduce you to a wide array of options for health check-ups,wellness packages and health promoting programmes, all under one roof for your comfort.
Blood tests are used to determine Physiological and Biochemical states such as Disease,Mineral content Drug effectiveness and Organ function. Blood examination could provide important information for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and about our current or upcoming status which is going in human body. We should be aware of any unknown disease present in our body.

  1. Obesity Checkup

  2. Anemia Checkup

  3. Antenatal Care Checkup

  4. Diabetic Checkup

  5. Pre Marital Checkup

  6. Pre Operative Checkup

  7. Pre Employee Checkup

  8. Cancer Marker Male

  9. Cancer Marker Female

  10. Golden Age Above 45 Yrs Male

  11. Golden Age Above 45 Yrs Female

  12. Heart Care Checkup

  13. Basic Health Checkup

  14. Renal Checkup

  15. Corporate Health Checkup

  16. Executive Checkup

  17. Liver Checkup

  18. Arthritis Checkup

  19. Kid's Checkup

  1. Free Home Visit

  2. E-Reporting.

For further assistance/home visit please contact us on 8888488887 With the primary centre in heart of Pune city, Healing Hands Clinic now has satellite centres in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chinchwad, Chakan, Nashik and Jaipur.
Laboratory services for diagnosis of piles, fistula, constipation, hernia, varicose veins, incontinence