• No cuts, No open wounds
  • Less pain compared to the other procedures
  • Healing is quick
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimum blood loss
  • Lowest recurrence rate

Most Advanced laser treatment for piles available in healing hands clinic

Dr. Ashwin Porwal & Dr. Paresh Gandhi are visiting doctors at Hopsitals in Dubai. Prior Appointment is mandatory. For Appointments Please Email : pankaj@healinghandsclinic.co.in OR Whatsapp : +91 8888188885.

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'Centre of Excellence in Proctology' by Dr Antonio Longoo

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Experienced and Skilled Surgeons

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Women often want a lady doctor to consult with, especially for such conditions, Understanding the same , we ensure that no matter who the consulting doctor is, the presence of female assistants is a prerequisite for examination of female patients. EVERY FEMALE PATIENT IS MADE EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE DURING CONSULTATION, RESPECTING HER DIGNITY IS OUR TOPMOST PRIORITY DURING EXAMINATION. We have hundreds of happy female patients.

Healing hands clinic is the most advanced treatment centre for piles. Dr. Ashwin Porwal, the founder of Healing Hands Clinic, invented Laser treatment for piles in Dubai and country’s first Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) was executed at HHC. Healing Hands Clinic has 21 clinics in India and one in Dubai. Each clinic has internationally recognized surgeons and the latest facilities to provide adequate care for anorectal disorders.


Piles are also called as Haemorrhoids, are varicose vein-like swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum. Haemorrhoids can form inside the rectum (internal haemorrhoids) or below the skin near the anus (external haemorrhoids).

Grades/stages of Haemorrhoids

Grade 1 Piles
Grade 2 piles
Grade 3 piles
Grade 4 piles

Symptoms of piles?

  • Itchy anus
  • Bright red blood after you poop
  • Painful lumps in and around the anus
  • Discomfort during and after passing stools

Why laser treatment is better than traditional treatment?

Invasive- cutting the wound with blade Minimal-Invasive procedure
Blood loss No loss of blood
Highly painful Less painful
Hospitalization for few days Day care procedures ( discharge after 24 hours )
Wound dressing for few days No dressing required
Bed rest required Bed rest not required - Quick recovery
Possibility of recurrence Minimal recurrence

Minimal invasive procedure

  • This treatment is for Grade 3 and 4 prolapsed Piles
  • Takes 25-30 minutes to perform
  • No external cuts
  • Minimum blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Quick recovery
  • Recurrence rate is low
  • Safe in diabetic, heart patients and senior citizens


This is a conservative approach developed by Dr. Porwal to slow or stop early disease without major surgery:

  • Medication - Creams and stool softeners are used.
  • Constac - An herbal preparation formulated by Ayurvedic doctors at Healing Hands & Herbs.
  • Diet - Counselling by qualified nutritionist to correct any imbalances in diet and chart a diet conducive to healthy bowel habits.
  • Physiotherapy - Pelvic floor physiotherapy helps to strengthen muscles in the region.
  • Ayurveda therapy - This includes about 6 sessions of enema with medicated herbal oils.

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