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2 Lac + Happy Patients

2 Lac + Happy Patients

Best Piles Hospital in India

Best Piles Hospital in India As Per Google(4.9) ★★★★★

Best Piles Hospital in India As Per Google, Practo, JustDial (4.9) ★★★★★

'Centre of Excellence in Proctology' by Dr Antonio Longoo

'Centre of Excellence in Proctology' by Dr Antonio Longoo

Ultramodern Infrastructure for Piles

International recognized doctors. Lady doctors Avialable

Topmost Referral Centre for Complex Hernias

Topmost Referral Centre for Complex Piles

Experienced and skilled surgeons

Experienced and skilled surgeons

Best Hospital for piles as per Practo (4.9)

Best Hospital for piles as per Practo (4.9) ★★★★★

Best Healthcare service as per JustDial (4.9)

Best Healthcare service as per JustDial (4.9) ★★★★★

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Patient Journey at Healing Hands Clinic

Healing Hands Clinic, a leading treatment centre in the field of proctology viz a speciality dealing with the care of Ano-Rectal diseases, Varicose veins Hernia by providing Novel and Advanced treatment techniques and procedures from all around the globe to the fellow its citizens in India and neighbouring countries.

Healing Hands Clinic is credited for performing a maximum number of Stapler Haemorrhoidopexies for Piles aka heemorrhoids per month in Asia and is proudly the first institution to introduce laser treatment for hemorrhoids in India. Today, It performs the highest number of laser procedures in Asia. With the moto of curing with care, Healing Hands Clinic has built a team that does nothing but proctology where all the Team members understand the pain of the patient and work towards the moto of curing with care. Healing Hands Clinic, due to its advanced techniques has been able to bring down the recurrence rate for Piles to less than 1% compared to an industry standard of 20-25% which is also taken care of with continuous followup.

Healing Hands Clinic is a first Proctology centre in India accreditated by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers ( NABH ) and Training centre for Proctology in India accredited and certified by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences ( MUHS). The Institution has trained more than 100 Surgeons around the world. It is recognised as a centre of excellence for training for Surgeons from Europe, Middle East, Asia.


Piles Aka Hemorrhoids, Bawasir, Mulvyadh are swollen and enlarged veins in the rectum and the anal canal containing enlarged blood vessels in and around the rectum and the anus which is a result of an increased pressure in the anus making the veins wider and engorged with more blood than usual resulting in overlying tissue and swelling causing piles.


  • Blood in the pot while defecating
  • Complaining about Pain while defecating stools
  • Mucus presence while passing motions
  • Hard lump in the anus which can be painful
  • Hard lump outside the anus which are painful
  • Itching in the anal area.
  • Feeling full even after passing stools motions


Piles can lead to complications if not treated in time. Piles are divided in 4 grades. The initial 2 stages are taken care of with the help of medicines prescribed by the doctor and MCDPA treatment carefully devised at Healing Hands Clinic. The 3rd and the 4th stages require laser treatment for piles and stapler surgery for piles as per our specialist descretion. Not treating piles in time can grow the condition to Fistula, cause weakness to the patient, cause unexplained weight loss, chronic constipation etc.


There are many treatment options for piles. At HHC, we treat piles grade wise in Non-Surgical procedures where the patients walkin in the hospital in the morning and return back to home the very same day. The patient can return to his normal activity from the very 3rd Day.

Grade and stages of piles

An innovation of Dr Porwal himself, this is aconservative approach intended to haltand reverse the early disease without anysurgical intervention :

  • Medication - Creams ( Anoac ) and stoolsofteners are used.
  • Constac - A herbal preparationformulated by Ayurvedic doctors atHealing Hands & Herbs.
  • Diet - Counselling by qualifiednutritionist to correct any imbalances indiet and chart a diet conducive tohealthy bowel habits.
  • Physiotherapy - Pelvic floorphysiotherapy helps to strengthenmuscles in the region.
  • Ayurveda therapy - This includes about6 sessions of enema with medicatedherbal oils.

  • Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty is thepreferred treatment for Grade 2and early stages of Grade 3 Piles.
  • This procedure is done under shortgeneral anaesthesia and takesabout 20 minutes.
  • Through the natural anal opening,laser energy is applied using aspecial radially emitting fibre.
  • The controlled emission of laserenergy causes vaporization leadingthe haemorrhoidal mass to shrink

  • It is a procedure that was originally conceived in 1994 by Dr Antonio Longo, and has since gained popularity as the treatment of choice for Grade 3 and Grade 4 prolapsed Piles.
  • The procedure is usually done under short general anaesthesia and takes around 25-30 minutes.
  • Using the circular stapler, the mucosa which is responsible for the the prolapse of Haemorrhoids is circumferentially excised and the prolapsed Haemorrhoids are pulled up back to their normal position

  • Increased Pain and Discomfort : Neglecting timely treatment can lead to worsening pain and discomfort associated with piles, making it more difficult to carry outdaily activities.
  • Persistent Bleeding : Untreated piles may cause continuous bleeding, leading to anemia or iron deficiency over time.
  • Thrombosis Formation : Piles left untreated can develop blood clots, leading to a condition called thrombosed hemorrhoids,which causes severe pain and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Prolapse Exacerbation : Failure to treat piles promptly can result in the prolapse of internal hemorrhoids, where they protrudeoutside the anus and become more difficult to manage.
  • Increased Risk of Infection : Open sores and damaged tissue in untreated piles can make individuals more susceptible toinfections, such as cellulitis or abscesses.
  • Chronic Inflammation : Piles left untreated can lead to chronic inflammation, making it harder to alleviate symptoms and requiringmore extensive treatment in the long run.
  • Bowel Movement Problems : Unmanaged piles can cause difficulties in passing stools, leading to constipation or a cycle ofstraining and aggravating the condition further.
  • Impact on Quality of Life : Untreated piles can significantly impact a person's daily life, causing emotional distress, affecting workproductivity, and limiting social activities due to persistent pain and discomfort.
  • Risk of Complications : Neglected piles may lead to complications such as anal fissures, fistulas, or even rectal prolapse, requiringmore invasive treatments and potentially surgery.
  • Delayed Diagnosis of Underlying Conditions : Not seeking timely treatment for piles may delay the diagnosis of other underlyingconditions such as colorectal cancer, as some symptoms can overlap, causing potential harm to overall health.

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