Doctors for fistula( Bhagandar ) should be referred to as soon as symptoms are detected, to prevent the worsening of situation and get an earlier medical intervention. This may also save the need for surgical treatment, if fistula( Bhagandar ) is detected at an early stage.

Fistula( Bhagandar ) in medical terms is defined as an abnormal connection between two body structures, which can be an organ, intestine, or vessel. A number of factors can be attributed to the cause of fistula. Fistula may be caused due to an injury or surgery, or from the infection or inflammation of body structures. The diagnosis and treatment of fistula( Bhagandar ) depends on its severity and site of occurrence. Surgery as the treatment for fistula( Bhagandar ) is often advised by doctors as the last measure, if non surgical treatments fail to show any improvement.

However, symptoms of fistula( Bhagandar ) can be confused with those of other diseases, and so should be given due attention. Patients are advised to seek opinion of a medical expert to get the right diagnosis and treatment done. Doctors for fistula( Bhagandar ) can be found in many of the renowned hospitals. Depending on the fistula( Bhagandar ) type, field specialist doctors may be required for accurate diagnosis and treatment. For instance, for anal fistula( Bhagandar ), opinion of a GE expert may be helpful in effective diagnosis.

Fistula( Bhagandar ) Types - Based on body parts involved

Given below are different fistula( Bhagandar ) types, depending on their site of occurrence and organs involved.

  • Anal fistula
  • Umbilical fistula
  • Cervical fistula
  • Metroperitoneal fistula
  • Biliary fistula
  • Gastric fistula
  • Enterovaginal fistula
  • Arteriovenous fistula
  • Pulmonary arteriovenous fistula ( Arteriovenous fistula in lungs/chest cavity )
  • Craniosinus fistula

Another classification too can be done for fistula( Bhagandar ) types, which is based on number of openings or structure of the passage. These are Blind fistula( Bhagandar ), complete fistula( Bhagandar ), incomplete fistula( Bhagandar ), and horseshoe fistula( Bhagandar ).

Fistula( Bhagandar ) Causes

The most common fistula( Bhagandar ) types are of digestive tract. The common causes of fistula( Bhagandar ) are,

  • Injury ( leads to fistula( Bhagandar ) between arteries and veins,Arteriovenous fistula )
  • Surgery
  • Infection of other body part
  • Inflammation of other body part
  • Other diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis
  • Abscess ( especially for anal or fecal fistulas )
  • Trauma during pregnancy ( vaginal fistula )

Likewise, depending on fistula( Bhagandar ) type, the causes can vary, and require expert opinion.

Fistula( Bhagandar ) Diagnosis and Treatment

Depending on location, different tests can be carried out to detect a fistula( Bhagandar ). Fistulas with external opening can be easily detected visually; however, for less visible fistulas, various imaging techniques may be used by doctors. These can be CT scan, X-ray, endoscopy, Barium enemas, or ultrasonography.

After the diagnosis, the doctor for fistula( Bhagandar ) may recommend different treatments, depending on fistula( Bhagandar ) type, fistula( Bhagandar ) location, and severity of the situation. These may include drainage of pus and then use of antibiotics to avoid recurrence of abscess, or surgical treatments.

Thus, patients should always refer to a medical expert on signs of any of the symptoms, so that early medical intervention can prevent the need for surgery.

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