There are certain surgical conditions that are very common, well researched and a piece of cake for most surgeons. On the other hand, there are certain conditions like fistula, that are not life-threatening, but rather challenging to treat by even the most experienced medical practitioners. An important reason for this is that for a long time anal fistulas remained sidelined by the medical community. Obviously, operating on the gall-bladder or appendix was more important as ignorance here could lead to serious complications. To top this, a lot of shame is attached to anorectal conditions. People are hesitant to speak up about conditions like fistula, piles, prolapse etc. This led to a growing tribe of quacks who claimed to cure with “simple herbs”.

Fistula doctor

To understand the role of an accurate intervention, let’s get to the basics of this condition. The problem with fistula, especially a long standing one is that a narrow tunnel is formed between the rectum/anal canal and a neighboring part of the body. As with any disease, the body tries to fight it, repair it. However, if these earlier attempts by the body fail, the fistula becomes chronic and it is almost impossible that it would heal on its own. At such a stage, no amount of medicines can cure it, simply because it needs a physical repair. Thus, a chronic fistula will always need a surgery. Going to quacks or experimenting with herbs will only lead to waste of precious time and money,and possible complications.

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Dr Ashwin Porwal is amongst the top few Proctologists in the country. A Proctologist is a specialist who deals with anorectal conditions like fistula, piles, fissure etc. These conditions are otherwise treated by general surgeons, the doctors who normally treat conditions like appendicitis, hernias, gall-bladder stones etc. With Proctology emerging as a super-specialty, conditions of the anus and rectum are now treated by a specialist as mentioned above. In his career spanning over a decade, Dr Porwal has treated hundreds of fistulas. These include complicated and recurrent ones. With his immense experience in treating this disease, Dr Porwal devised his own technique, DLPL ( Distal Laser Proximal Ligation ). Presently, he trains fellow surgeons and post graduate medical students in various anorectal procedures.

A lot of times, patients who have failed multiple treatments at other places were successfully treated by the skillful hands of Dr Porwal. In a lot of countries, even some of the developed ones, treatment for this condition still remains unsatisfactory. All the international patients who have come to Healing Hands Clinic have left India on a happy note. Healing Hands Clinic has been certified ‘Centre of Excellence in Proctology’ by world-renowned colorectal surgeon, Dr Antonio Longo, Italy.

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