Best Surgeon In Healing Hands Clinic

With a hospital or clinic at every corner, it seems like a person in need of one would be spoilt for choice. But ask someone who has been unfortunate enough to need one, and you would know that it only leaves one muddled. When it comes to our own health or that of closed ones, we always hope to find sound medical advice coupled with good service. Here comes in Healing Hands Clinic, a state-of-the-art specialty clinic that offers advanced treatments for anorectal conditions like piles, constipation, fistula and others. Founded by leading Proctologist, Dr Ashwin Porwal, the clinic is equipped with all modern facilities and boasts of treating the maximum number of piles patients in the country. Dr Porwal is ably supported by a team of surgeons, physiotherapists, nutritionists and support staff.

Dr Ashwin Porwal has devised a grade-wise treatment approach for treating hemorrhoids. Thus, a person in whom the disease has just begun is treated with only lifestyle/dietary changes and pelvic floor exercises. In slightly progressed disease, herbal medicines are used along with the above ( MCDPA ). Only in those with advanced piles, surgery ( using Laser or Stapler ) is performed.

The clinic is equipped with all modern facilities. The flagship clinic at Pune is accredited by NABH ( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers ). A lot of international patients come here in search of modern, reliable treatment for above problems. Currently, in Asia, maximum number of piles patients are treated at Healing Hands Clinic every month. The clinic offers training programs for doctors, especially in Laser treatments for anorectal conditions.

A lot of people end up going to quacks, with resultant loss of money and time. In the process, a simple disease lands in complications. It is wise to take the right decision at the right time and prioritize health. Always remember that your doctor should be well-qualified and skilled and the hospital should cater to all your requirements. Science progresses at an alarming rate with new treatment options coming up every now and then. Keep yourself in sync with advancing times and opt for the best option.

Dr Ashwin Porwal,Leading Proctologist in India