Treating gallbladder stones with 3D Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

My mother is 59-year-old and is suffering from multiple episodes of abdominal pain from last 2 months. USG reveals multiple gallbladder stones of 2cm size. What should be the appropriate treatment?

Clinical examination and thorough evaluation of gallbladder stones with respect to severity of disease and ruling out possible complications and any other aetiology is the first step. 3D4K laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the treatment of choice which involves removal of gallbladder along with its stones via small holes on the abdominal wall. The 3D4K system allows an accurate evaluation of gallbladder stone disease. The enhanced and magnified 3D vision helps perform surgery meticulously and helps patient in rapid recovery.

I am 45-year-old Diabetic man. On routine check-up I found out that I have a Gallbladder Stone. What should be the line of treatment?

Majority of Gallbladder stones are asymptomatic and also called silent stones. They are mostly detected on routine health check-ups. They can become symptomatic in form of upper abdominal pain. Other symptoms and indicators of complications include fever, jaundice, nausea vomiting, severe abdominal pain radiating to back, prostration and weakness. If you are diabetic or on immunosuppression or experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s prudent to consult for the same.

My son is 25-year-old and he has been diagnosed with inflamed gall bladder with gallbladder stones. Does he need surgery? Can only removing the gall bladder stones help or gallbladder also needs to be removed?

Your son probably has inflamed gallbladder with stones. Medically called as "Calculous cholecystitis". Further clinical evaluation and subsequent 4K3D laparoscopic surgery is indicated. Gallbladder's function is to store and concentrate excess bile secreted via liver. Bile is also directly secreted into the intestine bypassing the gallbladder. So, removal of gallbladder does not affect the digestive system after surgery. Gallbladder dysfunction is a major cause of gallstone formation. Removal of gallbladder along with the stones is necessary for the same reason. Keeping a diseased Gallbladder is not advisable in gallstone disease.

I am 40-year-old Female and have family history of Gallstone disease. What can be the probable cause of gallstones and how can I prevent and manage gallstone issues?

Gallstones are formed due to gallbladder dysfunction or when the delicate balance between contents of bile namely (cholesterol, lecithin and bile salts) is disturbed. Probable causes include excess fatty diet, obesity, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, family history or idiopathic. Once gallstones are formed they seldom disappear.
Health check-up, symptomatic gallstones or presence of any complications are how we diagnose the condition.
Thorough clinical evaluation and if indicated a 3D4K laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the treatment of choice for gallstone disease.