The right cure for piles

I am 28 yr old male suffering from constipation since many years. I am unable to pass stools with ease. I consume laxatives yet have to strain for 30-40mins daily with no relief, which then causes tremendous gases/bloating. Can I get a permanent solution?

As Constipation is multifactorial, the treatment depends on the cause and severity of the symptoms. For mild to moderate constipation medications like Constac powder work well. In cases of severe constipation, we recommend Contac Plus &Echodefecography test. If the result comes positive for the rectocele, STARR surgery is beneficial. In case of weak pelvic floor muscles-Pelvic Floor strengthening & biofeedback is advised

I am a 34yr old pregnant woman. two days back, I noticed blood in my stools and now I am suffering from pain and a burning sensation. It has never happened before, please reply I am worried.

PiloKit works very well in Grade I & II Piles & constipation. As these medicines are plant-based, they are safe to use during& after pregnancy & in individuals suffering from the same. Piles are the swelling of blood vessels near the anal opening. The common causes of Piles are constipation, hard stools, heavy lifting of weights, pregnancy, family history if any, wrong toilet habits, overweight, etc. In Grade III & IV piles there is painless bleeding with a mass protruding that mostly requires surgical intervention which includes :

  • Laser Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive procedure for Haemorrhoids (MIPH)

I am a 43 yr old female, suffering from piles for many years. I fear the pain post-surgery. Is there a painless treatment? How is the recovery after surgery? And can it reoccur?

Yes, As the new laser technique does not involve any kind of cuts or stitches, the recovery period is relatively short, one may see one or two drops of blood, mild pain, and mild discomfort. The patient can join duty after 3 days of operation. Re-occurrence is very rare.

Treating bowel incontinence and related ailments

My 14-year-old daughter has been complaining of burning/itching after passing stools for 3-4 weeks. I examined her & noticed a tiny swelling at the anal opening. Can children of her age develop piles?

Children, who consume fast food often and lead a sedentary lifestyle, seem to develop anal fissures, resulting from tears in the delicate anal lining due to hard stools. Taking a warm water sitz bath instantly relieves the discomfort. Piles/ haemorrhoids of Grade I & II can be treated holistically. Doctors at Healing Hands Clinic perform painless video proctoscopy and offer MCDP treatment for an initial grade of piles, combining herbal medications, dietary modifications, pelvic floor physiotherapy and administration of Ayurvedic oil (medicated) Enema. This reduces the size of the swelling and heals the underlying fissures.

I am a gym trainer and have been taking protein supplements regularly. Past six months, I have been suffering from constipation along with pain while passing stools. I used to manage it by increasing my fibrous food intake. Three days back, I noticed some blood on the tissue.

Fissures can develop due to constipation/straining during bowel movements or passing hard stools, which are a result of excess protein intake. Frequent cuts/ tears in the anal lining narrow the anal passage resulting in a tight spasm. In such chronic conditions, laser surgery proves the most beneficial. Patients can resume their duties in a day or two.

I am 35/F with six months of pregnancy. I have been suffering from irregular bowel movements. I have to strain a lot while passing stools. I am in tremendous pain.

Due to hormonal changes, constipation is commonly seen in pregnancy. It’s unadvisable to take strong painkillers. As Healing Hands Clinic is into R&D, the medicines developed after rigorous research are safe to consume during and after pregnancy. Constac powder relieves constipation and helps in aiding smooth bowel movements. Tab Anoac H & Anospray, a plant-based spray works well in reducing pain and discomfort.

My 4-year-old son is unable to pass motions daily. He cries every time he tries to pass stools. He tends to avoid squatting and strains in a standing position.

Children can suffer from functional constipation. However, they must be trained in squatty-potty positions to enable the natural passing of stools. Few dietary modifications like decreasing the intake of packed, processed, and preserved food, help. Increasing intake of cow's ghee and milk can aid in relieving constipation. Local five-minutes massage of Anoac Cream before passing stools reduces the discomfort and aids easy passage of stools.

Curing haemorrhoids with minimally invasive procedure

I am a Nutritionist by profession, my aunt who's roughly 65 years old has had difficulty passing stools since 6months. We did make few changes in diet and lifestyle but that doesn't seem to help now. She noticed bleeding for the first time recently. We are really scared. I hope we can get help at this stage. Is surgery the only solution?

In a quest to be at par with the global standards, Healing hands clinic is equipped with the most advanced and innovative treatments available for the management of anorectal disorders. Pilokit is an amalgamation of nature and science that incorporates unique herbal medicines which works well for initial grade of Haemorrhoids (piles) & functional constipation. For instance, PiloSpray the innovative Piles spray for touch-free treatment, provides instant relief from burning, pricking and pain after passing stools, in patients with Piles and Fissure. PiloTab tablet promotes internal healing in Piles and Fissure. ConstiTab laxative tablet provides relief from Constipation for fast recovery in Piles and Fissure.
One can avail these on, & Flipkart. Based on the diagnosis by our expert doctors, surgery can be avoided if the disease is captured in the early stages along with dietary guidelines. We promote intake of cows ghee, citrus fruits and curd in the diet. Processed, packed& preserved foods & sugar must be avoided.

I'm a 52/M handling a company of 250employees. I have been having constipation problem since 2 years now. Three months back while passing stools I felt something coming out. I am unable to evaluate it because of its awkward location. I am embarrassed & scared as I'm experiencing bleeding and pain now. I'm petrified imagining the pain while examination. Please help.

These symptoms are suggestive of Rectal prolapse/ Grade III Haemorrhoids. Need not be nervous. At Healing hands clinic our doctors note the basic medical history followed by a painless video proctoscopy test, helps us evaluate the disease. Healing hands clinic has the highest world record of 18000+ successful stapler surgeries performed across Asia. MIPH ( minimally invasive procedure for Haemorrhoids/prolapse) a modified version is a boon for people who have a busy schedule as there are no external cuts / stitches, minimal blood loss, minimal pain easily managed by painkillers, faster recovery Patient can resume within a day or two.

My son is a 9 year old boy who is suffering from rectal prolapse since birth. Because of which he is underweight too. We have visited many hospitals but all have suggested colostomy like complicated surgeries. I want to give him a normal life. Please help.

Rectal prolapse, defined as the protrusion of the rectum from the anal canal is a severe problem suffered sometimes by children and frequently by the elderly. Although a benign condition, it impairs quality of life due to the prolapse itself and also because of the associated symptoms such as urinary, flatus, and/or faecal incontinence. Choosing the correct approach to manage this condition is important. Dr Ashwin Porwal has invented TRRPCS ( Trans Rectal Resection of Procedentia by Circular staplers) for rectal prolapse. However, children can undergo this surgery after their biological development of 18+ years of age. The quality of life is maintained and not affected. Meanwhile it can be managed conservatively. He is advised to take good & healthy fats that will help him in some weight gain.