Dr Deepak Kulkarni

3D Hernia Laparoscopic Surgeon & Endoscopist
Healing Hands Clinic

I am 29 yr old male. I am a weightlifter and I recently noticed slight pain with a bulge in my groin area. I want to continue with my practice. Please guide.

A hernia is a muscle defect through which fat/ intestines protude, which appears as a bulge over the skin. An inguinal hernia is such a swelling/bulge in the groin area. It can be confirmed with a physical examination & an imaging test such as an Abdominal + Pelvic Ultrasound. Hernia defect can be corrected with 3D Mesh Hernia Repair surgery. As there are no medications for hernia, this technique proves promising as it is a daycare procedure with a negligible recurrence rate. Due to its smooth & faster recovery period, the patient can walk, climb stairs from the same day and lift up to 5-10kgs from the next day itself. Heavy weight- lifting can be resumed after 3 months.

I had a normal delivery 4 months back but recently I noticed a bulge over my belly button. The bulge increases on carrying my baby & bending. Is there a cosmetic solution?

An Umbilical hernia could develop post normal delivery due to weak abdominal muscles. After a basic physical examination and an ultrasound test, this defect can be corrected cosmetically with 3D Mesh surgery at Healing hands clinic. It leaves no scar and at times can be performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can go back home the same day.

I am 52/F. I underwent surgery for my appendix a year back. Since 3 months I have noticed a swelling around the previously operated area. On lying down the swelling becomes unnoticeable. Please guide me as I have mild pain.

This is called an Incisional hernia. There are various types of hernias- Inguinal (groin), umbilical (belly button), hiatal (upper stomach), ventral, and incisional (previous surgery cut). This defect can be associated with/ without pain on lifting heavy weights/ coughing/bending/sneezing. For Incisional hernia 3D Laparoscopic surgery works best as it has a shorter recovery period.

Advanced treatment options for hernias

My 56-year-old father recently started complaining of mild discomfort and swelling in his right groin area. An ultrasound shows it’s an inguinal hernia. How much assistance is required by the caregiver? What are the treatment options?

Inguinal hernia is quite common in males. It is due to the protrusion of a part of the intestine from a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. Healing Hands Clinic is certified as a ‘Centre of Excellence in 3D Mesh Hernia Repair’ by Dr John Murphy, ex-president, the American Hernia Society and Innovator of 3D MeshSurgery. This is the only permanent solution as hernia cannot be treated with medicines. This advanced surgery has shorter hospitalisation and faster recovery. The need for caregivers is fulfilled by our doctors and nursing staff during their stay at the hospital. A patient can walk, climb stairs and lift up to 2-5 kgs from the same evening and can be discharged after one night stay.

My grandmother is 74. She was operated on for umbilical hernia 20 years back. It reoccurred eight months later and the size has also increased with time. Is there a permanent solution?

Incisional/recurrent hernia is likely to develop 3-6 months after abdominal surgery. After a thorough consultation and analysis by Dr Deepak Kulkarni, this recurrent issue can be tackled with the most advanced technique mentioned above. The polypropylene mesh used covers the hernia defect from three sides; above, below and centre. This repair is suitable for treating large-sized and even recurrent hernias.

I am a 58-year-old man. I have had this bulge over my abdomen for a long time. It never caused any pain, until recently. This bulge reduces in size when I lie down. I am 101kgs. I have no other medical history. Can losing weight help this problem?

A ventral hernia occurs due to a weak spot in the abdomen enabling a part of the intestine to protrude through a cavity muscle area. The doctor will go through the history of your symptoms followed by a brief physical examination. Losing weight may reduce the pain /discomfort. If left untreated, they get bigger, more painful and complicated. Advanced laparoscopic repair of hernia proves most beneficial because of its smooth recovery.