Before we head to our main topic of discussion, let’s first get our idea of constipation clear. We all have experienced an occasional episode of - no poop for 2-3 days – which almost feels like eternity. But rarely do we need to see a doctor for it. These fleeting bouts are quite common and not a reason for worry. The human body, with its incredible capabilities, is designed to take care of such occasional glitches, and very beautifully, it does. However, we will be talking about chronic constipation, which is defined as having less than 3 bowel movements per week, for a period of more than 6 weeks. Then again, since constipation is such a subjective topic, we extend its definition to – any deviation from one’s regular toilet habits. Thus, apart from infrequent bowel movement, it also includes:

  • Changes in consistency ( Too hard, Stony Pellets )
  • Difficulty in passing ( Pain, Excessive Straining )
  • Feeling of incomplete evacuation ( something still left behind after passing motion )
  • Fullness, bloating, loss of desire to eat
  • Needing help to empty your rectum, such as using your hands to press on the abdomen or using a finger to remove stool from rectum

Why shouldn’t chronic constipation be ignored?

Chronic constipation in the long run can cause an array of complications. These include haemorrhoids ( Piles ), Fissure, Rectal Prolapse, Faecal Impaction, Sigmoid Volvulus etc. Apart from these, constipation hampers one’s sense of well-being and vitality, indirectly affecting the hormonal and immune systems.In fact, studies are on to find if a link exists between chronic constipation and colorectal cancer.

Which doctor should you see for constipation?

PROCTOLOGIST! In an era of super-specialists for every part of one’s body, the bottom is no exception. A proctologist is a doctor who deals with conditions of the rectum and anal canal, which form the last part of the digestive system, in short, the parts that store and evacuate the waste matter.

Meet Your Proctologist

Dr Ashwin Porwal, Founder of Healing Hands Clinic, is India’s leading proctologist who set benchmarks in the treatment of anorectal disorders. He is more popular for his pioneering work in this field that lead to the growth of proctology as an established super-speciality in India. He heads the Department of Proctology at leading hospitals in Pune city, besides being the brainwork behind establishment and growth of Healing Hands Clinic as the leading Proctology centre of India.

Dr Porwal graduated ( MBBS ) from the prestigious B.J. Medical College, Pune. He went on to finish his post-graduation ( DNB ) in General Surgery. He holds a Diploma in Proctology from Clinica Madonna Della, Italy, for which he trained under world-renowned colorectal surgeon Dr Antonio Longo. Dr Porwal also holds a Diploma in Laparoscopy from IRTS-IRCAD, France.

At Healing Hands Clinic, we understand that constipation is more often a lifestyle disease. Hence, we encourage our patients to adopt necessary changes in diet and lifestyle.

Doctor for Constipation treatment

We do believe in holistic treatment when it comes to such conditions and as a step in that direction, Dr Porwal formulated his own therapy called MCDPA. MCDPA is a combination of herbal medicines ( yes, we have complete faith in Ayurveda for certain ailments ), dietary changes and pelvic floor exercises, that has given astounding results in a lot of patients. Most of the patients of chronic constipation are satisfactorily treated with MCDPA.

In a small percentage of cases of chronic constipation, the problem lies beyond being just an incorrect lifestyle. The problem in these cases is ODS ( Obstructed Defecation Syndrome ), a functional type of constipation. This can be miraculously cured by STARR Surgery ( Stapled Trans Anal Rectal Resection ). Dr Porwal has trained under Dr Antonio Longo, inventor of this technique. Dr Porwal currently performs the maximum number of STARR surgeries in Asia.

Bottom line :

An occasional episode of constipation can be easily tackled by grandma’s tricks. However, if you are suffering from chronic constipation, it’s best not to resort to self-help or seek solutions from quacks. Visit an experienced proctologist and enjoy lighter mornings!

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