General surgeon in Pune can be found at most of the reputed hospitals. Even the private clinics employ general surgeons or are run by doctors only, which impart quality care to patients at affordable costs.

General surgery is a surgical specialty branch of medicine. Its prime area of focus primarily includes the digestive system. These organs can be stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, esophagus, bile ducts, colon, rectum, and small intestine. Depending on the availability of other specialist doctors in the hospital, General Surgeons can also perform other surgeries, such as those related to thyroid, breast, skin, hernias, and other soft tissues in the body.

In India, where the urbanization  rate is fast and people are spending more on healthcare, there has been a surge in number of people looking for quality and effective care services. This is indeed driving renowned hospitals from all over the world to open up their branches in India. These hospitals have qualified and experienced general surgeons. Even the private sector hospitals in India are expanding their.  The major cities experiencing the drive are Pune, Mumbai Delhi, Bangalore, and other tier I and tier II cities. In Pune, Healing Hands clinic, founded by Dr. Ashwin Porwal, is one such center, which provides comprehensive treatments for anorectal diseases such as Constipation, piles, and Hernia. Dr. Ashwin Porwal is a reputed proctosurgeon, who has the credit of performing the maximum number of stapler surgeries in India, and is also counted among the few surgeons in India who perform STARR surgery for treatment of Piles. The center also provides treatment services for other diseases affecting the digestive system.

Almost everyone among us suffers from piles, constipation, or hernia, at some stage of life. Constipation is very common, and can often be treated with simple dietary changes and medication. Piles, which affect one person from every 2 around us, can also be treated with medications and other medical therapies, if detected earlier. Surgery is often the last resort doctors recommend, if other therapies fail to show any improvement. Thus, it is always better to know about the diseases and their symptoms, so that they can be identified earlier and medical intervention can be performed. However, it is always recommended that the advice of a medical expert may be sought as and when symptoms are identified, and self medication should be avoided. This is because many of these diseases have similar symptoms, can lead to misjudgments. They often require different diagnostics tests to ascertain the type and cause, before any treatment can be advised.

However, the best way to live a health life and prevent the occurrence of any of such diseases is by eating a well balanced diet and avoiding sedentary lifestyle. A daily workout for 30-45 minutes is the best way to ensure that your body remains fit and healthy.