, aka haemorrhoids, is the swelling of the blood vessels and tissue of the anal canal. Most often they occur because of straining due to chronic constipation. Other likely causes are pregnancy, long-standing diarrhoea, heredity etc. Grade 1 haemorrhoids are associated with only some bleeding and itching, but as the grade increases so does the severity. In grade 4 haemorrhoids, a mass of tissue permanently stays protruded out of the anal opening.

According to

proctologist, Dr Ashwin Porwal

, quite often while in the early stage, piles resolve on their own, and do not need any active treatment. He says that a lot of times they do not hurt but bleed painlessly. At times, people are just hesitant or too afraid to visit a proctologist and continue to put up with them in the hope that they would disappear. During such times, one tends to look for easy, no-doctor-involved ways to get rid of them, which is understandable. Below are certain measures to help one deal with the situation. These include:

Making changes in diet

A fibre-rich diet with increased water intake prevents constipation. Include lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits like banana in the diet. Avoid oily and spicy food.

Toilet habits

  • Do not sit for too long at the toilet.
  • Avoid straining
  • Go to the toilet only when there is a strong urge to defecate

Lifestyle changes

  • Start exercising
  • Loose excessive weight, if any
  • Avoid sleeping after a meal
  • Avoid sitting for long hours. Take a break, walk or stretch your body a little every 1.5-2 hour

If these basic changes do not seem to make a difference, it is best to seek professional help. The internet is loaded with various remedies that claim to cure piles magically. However, rather than wasting time and money over unscientific measures, a logical, scientific approach is advisable. Especially in cases where a prolapse ( one feels something coming out or lumpy feeling in the region on touching ) has set in, no further time should be wasted in hope of an auto-remission. The earlier you seek professional treatment, the simpler the mode of treatment will be. The longer you wait, complications set in, the more aggressive the treatment. If you or a closed one do have piles, bear in mind that there is no shame in it. Anyone can suffer from it and each one deserves good care for it.