Constipation is one of the most commonly encountered health problems. In fact, each one of us has experienced an occasional episode, one that gets resolved on its own. Unfortunately for some, constipation becomes a chronic problem. Neither changes in diet, nor laxatives tend to provide relief. One of the common causes in such cases is Obstructed Defecation Syndrome ( ODS ).

Understanding ODS

Obstructed defecation syndrome is a frequently occurring condition that affects quality of life, forcing the individual to spend a lot of uncomfortable time in the toilet every day. It is more commonly found in middle-aged women. In ODS, feces reach the rectum normally, but the problem lies in the evacuation from the rectum to the outside. The most common complaint is thus, of a feeling of incomplete emptying. Such individuals tend to strain a lot in an attempt to force emptying. Some even attempt digital emptying. Laxatives are often overused, as expected.

Diagnosis of ODS

The diagnosis is based on the presence of certain guidelines. To confirm diagnosis and evaluate further, a test called MRI Defecography is done. To know more about this test Click Here

Role of STARR Surgery

In cases where ODS is associated with structural anomalies like prolapse, intussusception or rectocele, Stapled Trans Anal Rectal Resection ( STARR ) Surgery gives beneficial results. STARR was developed by world renowned colorectal surgeon, Dr Antonio Longo. The procedure involves the use of two staplers to correct the anatomical abnormalities present in ODS. This significantly improves constipation.

STARR Surgery at Healing Hands Clinic

  • Dr Ashwin Porwal was the first surgeon to perform STARR Surgery in Maharashtra, and amongst the first few in the country.
  • Dr Porwal has trained under Dr Longo himself.
  • All surgeons at Healing Hands Clinic have trained vigorously under Dr Porwal.
  • Healing Hands Clinic currently performs the maximum number of STARR surgeries in Asia.
  • Dr Porwal has presented papers on STARR surgery at various national and international conferences.
  • Dr Porwal’s abstract on ‘Obstructed Defection Syndrome cured with STARR Procedure: A case series of 100 consecutive patients’ was published in Colorectal Disease, The Official Journal of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland, European Society of Coloproctology – Volume 15, Supplements 3, Oct 2013.

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