In the initial stages, piles ( Haemorrhoids ) are best treated with non-surgical treatment. At Healing Hands Clinic, we offer MCDPA for the same which is an acronym for Medicines ( Herbal ), Constac ( Ayurvedic laxative powder ), Dietary changes, Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic oil therapy. However, once the disease progresses to grade 2, something more needs to be done to provide a permanent cure. Here comes the role of Laser, one of modern science’s boon to humanity. Laser has changed the way we treat a lot of conditions, be it eyes, kidneys or skin. Fortunately, anorectal conditions are on that list and thus, treating conditions like piles, fistula, fissure, has become much easier compared to the past.


Piles, medically known as haemorrhoids, are divided into 4 grades depending upon their severity.

Grade 1 is the initial stage where a person has bleeding or itching but no prolapse. As mentioned earlier, it is treated with MCDPA.

Grade 2 is where the mass of haemorrhoids begins to come out of the anal opening (prolapse) during defecation but goes back in, on completion of the act. Many a times in Grade 2, especially if your doctor suggests so, a trial of MCDPA is given with an expectation that it would get cured. In case of failure of MCDPA, or if your doctor deems it necessary at diagnosis itself, Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty ( LHP ) is done.

In Grade 3, the prolapsed haemorrhoidal mass does not go back on its own, but needs to be manually pushed back. Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty ( LHP ) is done in the early stages of Grade 3, the later stages would most often need a Stapler Surgery.

Most of the cases of Grade 2 and early stages of Grade 3 haemorrhoids are treated with Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty


If the definition of surgery is 'cuts and stitches' for you, then it isn’t even a surgery ! That’s the beauty of Laser. No incisions ( cuts ) and no suturing ( stitches ) !

Leonardo Laser is a Diode laser. Its fiber is passed through the natural anal opening and laser energy is applied to the haemorrhoidal mass. This controlled emission of laser energy reaches the submucosal zone, causing the haemorrhoidal mass to shrink. In addition, fibrotic reconstruction generates new connective tissue which ensures that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue. This prevents the recurrence of prolapse. No foreign material is left in the body following the procedure.

Leonardo Laser was first introduced in India by Dr Ashwin Porwal at Healing Hands Clinic ( HHC ). A record number of cases are treated at HHC per month.


  • As mentioned earlier, Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty has no cuts or incisions.
  • The post-operative pain is a lot less compared to other procedures. In fact, patients describe it more as 'burning' rather than pain, which lasts around 3-4 days.
  • Healing is excellent as there are no cuts or stitches
  • There is no urgency ( a feeling of having to rush to the toilet ) after the procedure.
  • There is no risk of rectal stenosis.
  • Being a simple procedure, one can return to normal activities within a short span of time ( 3rd day in case of sedentary job )


There may be some burning for 3-4 days as discussed above. A rare problem ( 5% cases ) is external skin tag thrombosis which is easily manageable with excision.

We urge women to come forth and seek help. In this age of gender equality, one need not be hesitant, especially in matters concerning health and well being. We make it a point to let our female patients feel secure and comfortable and a female doctor/staff accompanies them from the start to end.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is laser hemorrhoids/piles surgery painful?

    Laser surgery for piles is painless as there are no cuts no stitches. The post operative pain is easily curable through pain killers.

2. Is laser treatment safe for piles?

    Laser treatment for piles is minimally invasive. If it is done by skilled surgeons it has several advantages like less operation time, quick recovery, less post operative pain and negligible recurrence rate.

3. How many hours does hemorrhoid surgery take?

    The hemorrhoid surgery takes about 30 minutes. Local anesthesia is given during the procedure. It is a day care procedure and patient can return to normal work routine from the next day of surgery.

4. Do piles go away on their own?

    Initial stage piles can be treated with medications, ayurvedic therapies and lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes include physical activities, exercise and dietary changes. When the disease advances then only surgery is required.

We respect your dignity.

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