Dr Ashwin Porwal, ColoRectal Surgeon
Dr Ashwin Porwal, ColoRectal Surgeon, Healing Hands Clinic

Inventor of DLPL surgery for Fistula , LPP for pilonidal sinus and TRRPCS surgery for Rectal Prolapse. MUHS recognised teacher for training in Proctology.

Every year, about 1 million new cases of piles appear in India and statistics reveal that at least 50 percent of people suffer from piles at some point in their lives. Despite having sufferers in such huge numbers, there are just a handful of doctors who major in Proctology. Amidst the era of advancing technologies and upgraded lifestyles, people are still unwilling to openly talk about piles. In such situations, discovering a treatment that eliminates the need for painful surgeries and close attention is no less than a stroke of luck. Healing Hands Clinic (HHC) invites you to the other side of suffering with novel approaches, upgraded medications and a slogan that encouragingly shouts, “Have Piles? Speak up!”

Dr Ashwin Porwal, founder of Healing Hands Clinic, started his Proctology journey from a small clinic in Pune at a time when this super-specialty was unheard of. He graduated from B.J. Medical College, Pune, and completed his Diplomate of National Board in General Surgery from Poona Hospital and Research Center. He has obtained training in Proctology from the renowned Colorectal surgeon Dr. Antonio Longo at St. Elizabeth Hospital. Today, HHC has its flagship center in Pune with increasing number of satellite centers across the country. Alongside, while taking charge of quality control at Healing Hands Clinic, his wife Dr Snehal Porwal, also runs Healing Hands Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to provide treatments at nominal cost to the underprivileged and rural population suffering from these diseases.

Within a short span of just over a decade, Healing Hands has proved to be the leading medical healthcare center for the treatment of piles, fistula, and constipation, not just in India but worldwide. It has been certified by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). To avail Dr Ashwin’s ingenuous technique for treating Complex Fistulas, patients from various parts of the world- not only from Africa & the Middle East, but also from medically advanced countries of Europe and America, visit Healing Hands Clinic with hope for cure, having failed treatment options in their own countries.

Unified Healthcare Ecosystem

Mr.Roshan Porwal - Founder InnoThoughts Systems
Mr.Roshan Porwal - Founder InnoThoughts Systems and strategic mind behind HHC

Roshan Porwal, Director at Healing Hands Clinic & Founder at InnoThoughts Systems, along with his growth and strategy team, has worked hard on refining and redefining the SOPs for creating a healthcare ecosystem of doctors and patients. He believes that healthcare needs to be patient-centric while offering benefits to all stakeholders over and above. Healing Hands franchise enables doctors to run their state-of-the-art proctology center along with the benefits of corporate support merely at the cost of buying medical equipment, providing her/him the best of both worlds. The entire CAPEX and OPEX of each center are taken care of by the company. Doctors get the opportunity to regularly upskill themselves under the guidance of Dr Ashwin Porwal and are provided with a trained team to deliver top notch care to patients

While one brother focusses on clinical expertise, the other focusses on strategic excellence, with a common goal of propelling Healing Hands into Asia’s no. 1 Piles Clinic

Living up to the reputation of best Proctology caregiver

The sole determinant for healthcare delivery is “outcome”. Healing Hands under the leadership of Dr Ashwin Porwal believes in working by the motto of ‘Curing with Care’. The organization is a team of doctors, paramedical staff, nutritionists, and physiotherapists giving pre and post-operative quality care, ensuring the patient has a smooth convalescence. Dr Ashwin's pioneering work can be witnessed by his innovations in crafting pathbreaking techniques in treating rectal prolapse, fistula and hemorrhoids. He introduced Laser for piles and fistula for the first time in India along with unforeseen diagnostic modalities for anorectal conditions. Dr Porwal’s expertise in the field of proctology has attracted numerous surgeons from various parts of the world who seek training under his deft workmanship.

Amalgamation of Ayurveda and modern science

Another significant feature of Healing Hands is its exclusive MCDPA treatment, an amalgamation of nature and science that incorporates unique medicines, physiotherapy and Ayurveda oil therapies. Dr. Ashwin has curated several herbal medications for piles (mulvyadh/bavasir in vernacular), fissures and constipation. For instance, Constac is an advanced herbal laxative formulated by Healing Hands research team that gives relief from acidity, bloating, hard stools and sluggish digestive. They have formulated a number of such herbal medicines for various ailments. Healing Hands has separate departments for surgical care, nutrition, physiotherapy and ayurvedic therapy as a part of their holistic approach to addressing a disease.

Spearheaded by pioneering work from its founder, Healing Hands Clinic has a strong foundation in its patient-centric approach, cutting-edge treatment, holistic care and assurance of optimal cure. So, when your bottom is in trouble, visit the topmost clinic in India for a one-stop solution!