In today’s fast paced world where everything can be accessed at fingertips, healthcare sector is mostly ignored.It is always a hassle to schedule appointments with doctors, lab tests, to wait in long queues,get medicines on time and refill them every month. The process becomes tiring and time consuming. Medixpress is our attempt to transform this situation. Introducing you Medixpress – A mobile application that takes care of all your health care needs and makes it easy and approachable.With Medixpress you can schedule appointment with doctors and clinical lab for tests. Get your reports and prescriptions on your phone. Order and get your medicines delivered right at your door step. All this just with an App !Backed by a team of medical experts and software professionals, Medixpress is a fusion of trusted healthcare services with modern technology. We have a trusted network of doctors,lab technicians,medicals at your service.

Medixpress is a healthcare service provider. 24×7!

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