Give Piles, Fistula a Painless Farewell with Laser Treatment

The advanced Leonardo Laser provides an easy, brisk recovery with a host of advantages over the conventional treatments for piles, fistula, fissure and pilonidal sinus.

With the emergence of super-specialties in the field of medicine, people are becoming mindful of their health, opting for the most advanced modalities of treatment. One such branch of medicine is Proctology, which deals with the diseases of rectum and anal canal. These include piles, fistula, fissure, pilonidal sinus and more. Amongst these, piles or haemorrhoids are extremely common, with almost one in two of us estimated to have it at some point in our lives.

To cater to the growing burden of these diseases, Dr Ashwin Porwal, founder and chief proctologist at Healing Hands Clinic, introduced the Leonardo Laser for the first time in India

Easy Treatment of Haemorrhoids / Piles with Laser

Haemorrhoids are treated with laser by a procedure called Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty ( LHP ). It is the preferred treatment for Grade 2 and early stages of Grade 3 Piles. Grade 4 in which there is irreducible prolapse cannot be treated with laser and needs another technique called Stapler surgery ( MIPH- Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoids )

How does Leonardo Laser work in treatment of haemorrhoids?

Leonardo is a type of Diode Laser. No cuts are made in this procedure. It is done through the natural anal opening from where the laser probe is passed. Laser energy is applied using a special radially emitting fibre. The controlled emission of laser energy causes vaporization of the haemorrhoidal mass, resulting in its shrinkage. This procedure is done under short general anaesthesia and takes about 20 minutes.

Benefits of LHP :

  • There are no cuts, no open wounds
  • The post-operative pain as very less compared to other procedures
  • Healing is excellent and very quick
  • Does not cause sense of urgency ( need to rush to the toilet )
  • No risk of rectal stenosis
  • One can leave hospital the same day and return to normal activities in 2 days

Does LHP have any side effects?

You may experience some burning sensation, but this resolves with time. External skin tag thrombosis is a rare complication.

Laser Works Wonders In Fistula

Fistula-in-ano is quite a challenging condition to treat. Attempts to treat it are often marred by recurrences. For quite some time it remained a very complex condition to tackle. However, with the advent of laser, the scenario has changed considerably.

Fistula is treated using laser by 2 techniques:

1. FiLaC- Fistula Laser Closure
2. DLPL- Distal Laser Proximal Ligation

FiLaC- Fistula Laser Closure

FiLaC is used for simple fistulas. In this, a radially emitting laser fibre is inserted from the outside and laser energy is emitted circumferentially into the fistula tract. The laser energy causes controlled photo-thermal destruction of the fistula tract causing it to collapse. This also helps, supports and accelerates the healing process.

Benefits of FiLaC :

  • Excellent healing rate
  • The anal sphincter is preserved so there is no risk of post-operative incontinence.
  • Safe in high risk patients like those with hypertension, cardiac ( heart ) problems and in senior citizens.

Does FiLaC have any side effects?

There may be local burning for some time which resolves with time. Development of post-operative subcutaneous abscess is a rare possibility. It is usually managed with medications and dressing, and at times may need incision and drainage.

Dr Porwal’s DLPL- Distal Laser Proximal Ligation

Dr Ashwin Porwal has been a pioneer in the field of Proctology. He changed the way anorectal conditions were approached by doctors, and has established Proctology as a super-speciality in India. He introduced a number of treatments for the first time in the country. After treating thousands of patients, Dr Porwal was still unhappy with the results of existing fistula treatments. Hence, with his deep study in this subject, he was able to devise his own technique DLPL.

The unique treatment combines advantages of laser with surgery. Dr Porwal has treated a number of cases of complicated and recurrent fistulas with DLPL.

These include recto-vaginal fistula, recto-inguinal fistula, ano-nidal fistula amongst others. He has treated patients from across the globe who have suffered for years with multiple recurrences. He has presented research papers on the same at various surgical conferences that received a positive feedback from the surgical community.


Absolutely not! Your gender should not determine your right to healthcare. At Healing Hands Clinic, we ensure that each patient, whether female or male, is examined with dignity, privacy and thorough professionalism. We are a team of doctors and staff who are set out on a mission to HELP. As Dr Porwal says, “It is never of question man or woman. On the examination table, it’s a human body and a worried mind that we are dealing with, and we leave no stone unturned to make them feel secure and cared for.”