Pines & Pain- Woes of the Pilonidal Sinus..

A less known about and even more rarely discussed is a condition experienced mainly by young men in their 20s and 30s- some of them develop a small painful swelling just below the spine or between the buttocks. Most ignore it or opt for self medication only to experience reoccurrences and episodes of pus discharge. The truth is that these signs and symptoms are not sporadic but develop as part of the pilonidal disease where a sinus tract develops from the source of infection in this anatomical region. Infection in this area develops because of the presence of ingrown hair; the risk also increases in cases of sedentary occupation ( a norm nowadays ), local irritation and trauma.

The recurrent follicular infection caused from the hair fallen in the natal cleft is the primary cause of this pilonidal sinus. Treatment alternatives are not available in a wide array but surgery is probably the ultimate option for this disease. Since recurrence is most likely in many cases, repeated surgical interventions may also be required. Laser surgery is a novel alternative to the traditional painful surgery. The laser surgery for pilonidal sinus aims to remove the hair by laser procedure and leave negligible chances of recurrence.


  1. Surgery is the only option.

  2. Excision & Primary Closure ( Plastic Surgery ).