Name : Dr Verma

Nationality : Indian

Treatment : Distal Ligation Proximal Laser ( DLPL )

Transcript :

patient - hello. i am dr. verma. i got this reference of healing hands clinic in pune when came here to attend occupational health conference. dr. ashwin porwal had come there for delivering guest lecture and in fact, i was also suffering from complex fistula. i contacted dr. ashwin porwal in the month of february and after 4-5 follow ups, i am very happy that i am completely cured, fully cured and doing my normal work. infact after surgery also, after 2-3 days, i resumed my duties. there was absolutely no problem. i am very much thankful to healing hands clinic and especially the team of dr. ashwin who has cured me, my complex fistula and now, i am very much comfortable and i am glad.
interviewer - we are very glad that you are happy and cured. also, i would like to understand whether you have any prior surgery done.
patient- infact yes, before that also in 2011 this problem was …… and i got my fistula surgery done in chandigarh, mohali in fortis hospital by dr. pankaj garg who is a renowned protosurgeon and in fact i was very much assured that it wouldn’t recur again but, 2017 the same fistula recurred and i have started facing again this problem and later on in 2018 january when i came to pune and i came in contact with dr. ashwin, then i got this surgery done because of the help of dr. ashwin porwal. thanks to dr. porwal it was very good experience for me and the technique which he has adopted i have seen it on youtube so thoroughly and i am also going to refer some of my patients and some of my friends who are suffering from the same problem definitely this technique is very very successful. thanks to dr. ashwin. i am very happy.