Name : Saurav Sharma

Nationality : Indian

Treatment : Constipation

summary :

Good Evening, My name is Saurav Sharma and I was having a constipation problem and which gradually developing into the piles and this healing hands reference I got from my father, whose friend was operated here. Initially I was trying to get operated through stitching operation which takes healing period of 45-60 days and you have to do post medicine or post operation you have to do lot of medical treatment, and bandages and everything. But with Healing Hands it was very good experience with my operation. The procedure was very smooth and here I got operated with a laser kind of operation where only one day admission was required hospitalization is required and second day you are getting discharged. Pre operation, I was having burning sensation and every day I was feeling little problem and it was increasing gradually but post operation from the Dr. Ashwin Porwal.. I am on the 5th day from my operation I am joining the office and it was very good operation..successful operation.. and I would like to recommend Dr. Ashwin Porwal for piles related or constipation related problems so for the people who are working in the companies and they can use their cashless facility to get operated here. Compared to other hospitals my experience with healing hands is ... the staff is well mannered, they know the complete things about the particular problem of the patient and the doctor to whom we consult they give you the proper diet chart, they give you the proper timings. The appointments are very clear and it was a very good experience with healing hands clinic. So I would recommend Dr. Ashwin Porwal for the treatments of piles and constipation.