Transcript :

Hi my name is padmeshar paul,I am lived in Tibet for 25 years,and now I live in Taiwan,my job is a travelling job,and I was suffering from constipation for more than 25 years,and I am here to tell you about my story from constipation being extremely constipated to being completely cured,I started getting constipation from 1993 when I was pregnant with my daughter and from then onwards I have been taking sino miki powder ,concoction everyday.and I took that for more than 20 years,and here in 2014 when I was at inamdar hospital for some other to visit some other doctor I saw the board says to be healed from constipation and hence I went and visited Dr porwal for the first time and he made it sound so simple and so easy and made me feel so comfortable that I really felt very very good and for the first time in my life thought I could be healed from constipation completely,for some reason I could not go for surgery for about a year ,I have my surgery in last year,after the surgery when Dr porwal was telling me to stop taking concoction completely,I was little apprehensive saying I have been taking this medicine for about 20 years now how can I stop it,but he said no u have to stop it ,so I stopped.but For some reason

I was not healed of constipation and I had to take sino miki again,for the next 5 months at least.Dr porwal suggested that I do a colonoscopy and MRI defecography and after that he said he would decide on what kind of surgery I will need,once that was done and we discussed it after the results Dr porwal said that I need a STARR surgery,which sounds very starry but it’s a very simple one and a very easy one and Dr porwal made me feel so comfortable that it didn’t feel bad at all,I decided when I decided I needed a surgery and undergo a surgery I sent a e-mail because I was not living in India to healing hands clinic address and they were very proved in responding back saying they would welcome me my decision of undergoing the surgery and they said anytime that I would like to undergo a surgery,they will perform it,I only had about 5 days in my hands coming into india finishing a surgery and going back again,but they were very very accommodative the hospital,the staff,doctors,who thought 5days was less but it was fine,I was admitted on Monday morning and the surgery was performed in the afternoon arouns 2 ‘o clock by the evening I was I was awake and fine except for a little bit of pain and bleeding in the rectum I was feeling well,I could go home the next day,there were no cuts,no stitches just little pain and some bleeding.thats all and I came in for the check up after 2 days and when doctor checked it was fine the wound was healing inside and I flew out on the 5 th day out of pune and I was being fine,there was no pain there was no issue there was no medication except for the antibiotics we took for the course ,no other medication for the surgery,and one fine day I stopped it and I felt that my bowls moving absolutely fine and I dint take anything except for the glass of water,and that’s how I am I am completely healed now and I don’t have any constipation and my job is travelling I travel around the world and I am still saying its absolutely fine thank you for Dr porwal whos been good whos made life easy for people like me and God bless him

Thank you