Age : 66 years

Nationality : American

Diagnosis : Grade 3 haemorrhoids with large rectocele

Treatment : Stapler surgery ( for piles ) and Stapled Trans-anal Resection of the Rectum ( STARR ) surgery ( for constipation )

summary :

A 66 years old patient was suffering from constipation since many years. Dr. Ashwin Porwal first suggested him an MRI defecography for accurate diagnosis, which revealed that he had both, chronic constipation and piles. Dr. Porwal recommended Person a novel combination of Stapler surgery ( for piles ) and STARR surgery ( for constipation ). Both are the least invasive surgeries and the patient was relieved from both the ailments within a week. He is now free from colorectal problems and recommends Healing Hands Clinic for a reliable treatment.

Transcript :

Hello, I am 66 years old,and I came to Dr Porwal because I had complaints of constipation for many many years ,actually no pain I had pain some years ago but I had an obstruction whatever I tried to go to the toilet and for years I suffered that way and so I came and was suggested that because of my complaints I should do an MRI to see what obstruction is there and to diagnose what problem I had. I was having piles and hemorrhoids for many years , so I went through the MRI and I had to do a test of and when the test results came out it showed that I had Sort of instead of a column coming straight out there was sort of a pocket where the Figo marrow will get caught up and then I had hemorrhoids so whenever I tried to go to the toilet it was very hard. So I was suggested that I do STAPLE surgery plus STARR surgery which was two kind of two STAPLE operations basically and it was non-surgical which was amazing to me because I had a friend who had hemorrhoids operated on and he suffered for weeks with surgically and when I did this it was unbelievable because I had may be the first night I had some pain the next night I slept 9 hours and I was released from the hospital after two days and I had some, some little pain but nothing never I infact stopped the pain killer pills after two and a half days and I didn’t have to have any pain pills,and the amazing thing was that I could feel the elimination was free and easy which was the first time in so many years that I had that kind of freedom, so it's been a wonderful experience for me to have this minor operation that I thought would be different but it was actually very easy and went very smoothly for me and now I am flattered person I am kind of different from most people but in fact it was just amazing how quickly I recovered and I feel great and it’s been a wonderful experience and this is what my 8th day or 10th day and I am just having a follow up and I feel normal ever since the 3rd day. I use to over the years of having these three four five different methods to cope with haemorrhoids whether its surgery whether its other inventions and this treatment was completely different and was only done in within one day. I was fine next day I was and now I am free and It had been a wonderful experience for me, and I recommend it to any one there to to dispel the fear of hearing about all the different prior surgeries and surgical methods that were because I looked on the internet and there were many different methods over the years have been done and this STAPLE method it appears to be wonderful I mean for me right now it’s a relief and there’s no pain and I am basically back to normal and I am better than I ever was for years, so it's been a wonderful experience and I thank dr Porwal.

What the doctor has to say :

It was a case of Grade 3 haemorrhoids with large rectocele which caused obstruction during defecation. The patient was facing this problem for over a decade. A diagnostic test named MRI Defecography was done to assess the severity of the rectocele. The patient was then treated with STARR surgery and had no post-operative complications.