Medicine for Piles

Piles are an embarrassing, problematic and a cause of major inconvenience. Hence, symptomatic care usually proves to be incapable of producing any useful result. It is important that the cure be absolute and the relief complete with help of medicines for piles. This is possible via holistic and customized care involving a combination of dietary, medicinal and surgical management

The chosen treatment and medicine for piles is dictated by the severity and grading of the condition. Grade I ( marked by mild pain and itching sensation ) and most cases of Grade II Piles ( marked by symptoms of Grade I and recurrent bleeding ) can be managed with medicinal management.

Depending on the type and grade of piles, the treatment may differ from case to case. There are hospitals which provide different treatment facilities, such as surgery, drugs, or ayurvedic medicines for piles too. However, surgery is the last resort if all approaches fail. Thus, it is always better to consult a medical expert if any of the symptoms of piles exist. Early detection of piles will not only help in quick and effective recovery, but also save on cost of surgery. For working people, they will be able to rejoin the work earlier. The patients, on identification of the symptoms are adviced to visit doctors and get their advice for further treatment. Visiting a specialized hospital for piles in Pune is the best way to get timely assistance and early intervention.

Within Pune, the Healing Hands Clinic, the best piles treatment in pune and its clinical team under the leadership of Dr. Ashwin Porwal has come to establish itself as the pioneer centre for care and cure of Piles and other ano-rectal diseases. Dr. Ashwin Porwal has the privilege of having obtained training in Proctology ( especially in Constipation & Piles ) from the world renowned Colo- Procto Surgeon Dr. Longo at Elizabeth Hospital, Austria.