Painless Piles Treatment

Dr. Ashwin Porwal is a leading colo-procto Surgeon for Painless Piles treatment in Pune. Dr. Ashwin Porwal is also a founder of Healing Hands Clinic, Pune. Dr. Porwal is HOD Proctology with Apollo Jehangir Hospital, Inamdar Hospital, Poona Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic where he has successfully treated most of his piles patients and brought back their smiles with painless piles treatment.

Dr. Ashwin Porwal treats Painless Piles treatment with a new technique of surgery known as STAPLER surgery or also known as MIPH ( Minimal Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoids ). Dr. Ashwin Porwal has performed more than 2000 MIPH ( Minimal Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoids ) procedures ( stapler surgery for piles ) for grade III and grade IV haemorrhoids, which is highest in Asia Pacific. Healing hands clinic is the only ISO certified proctology clinic in Pune. Dr. Porwal performs MIPH, STARR surgery which involves no cuts and stitches, and hence painless treatment for piles. Patients can discharge within 24hours of surgery.

Healing Hands clinic is one of the India’s leading proctology clinic with 20,000 successful stories of piles treatment.