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Piles Clinic in Pune

With a huge population of the city falling prey to lifestyle diseases, it is imperative for all of us to pause and take a note. Arguably, our modern lifestyle pattern has presented us with its own set of side effects. Commonest of them are diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Constipation and Piles. With growing prevalence and incidence of these lifestyle diseases, the medical fraternity has taken note and evolved specialties and expertise in each of these disease states. We have Diabetologists, Cardiologists, Obesity Surgeons and Proctologists, having expertise in these respective diseases. This presents us with a great opportunity to receive the best treatment from experts in their respective fields.

I have started consulting patients suffering silently from the above anorectal problems since 4 years, and until today the number has been ever increasing and alarming. Its shocking to see people using the luxuries at the cost of spoiling their health completely. 2 years back we diagnosed more than 30 patients per month suffering from Grade 1 and 2 piles and now the number has increased to 300 new cases per month. These patients were strictly kept on Medicine and High Fibre Diet regimen. Says, one of the leading Piles Surgeon in Pune.

Most of this population suffering this problem are software professionals, geriatric population, teachers, police officers, bankers etc.Sitting and standing for long hours for such professionals causes a lot of complications if not noted. 5 percent of the population suffers from Piles and Constipation in Pregnancy. We have many patients who suffer from pregnancy induced piles. Our database and surveys conducted on such patients state that if this condition is diagnosed early it can be definitely cured, says Dr. Ashwin Porwal, Pune’s leading Colo- Proctosurgeon who has his Consulting Proctology Clinic at Poona Hospital and Research Centre & who is also a renowned Piles Doctor in Pune

The Proctology Clinic focuses on studying the depth of these problems and setting a goal to be sure every patient is cured and cared for till the end. Piles is a condition in which the piles vessels ( haemorrhoids ) swell up mainly due to sitting in one place for long hours, straining on defecation, improper diet habits or smoking and alchohol. It presents with 4 Grades in which chronic Piles problem may require an innovative MIPH or Stapler Surgery. It is a painless procedure done by the natural route without any cuts outside which therefore require no dressings and the patient is discharged within 24 hours.

Dr. Porwal has been the first surgeon to perform STARR Surgery in Maharashtra and has done the maximum number of Stapler Surgeries. Taking the above problems into consideration and empathizing for such patients he has also started Proctology Clinics at Apollo Jehangir Hospital, Poona Hospital ,Inamdar Hospital & the new Healing Hands Clinic branch near Ruby Hall Clinic. There is a big concern about this disease as many people fear to express their problems which further leads to complications. So the earlier the better! states Dr. Porwal


Out of the total population 30% of the sedentary people suffer from Piles and Constipation.
Software professionals ( 25- 30 age group ), normal sedentary population ( 45- 50 age group ), police officers, bankers, teachers contribute to 60 % of the patients.
Rest 40 % include the geriatric population that is 45- 60 year of age.