Quickest & Simplest Ways to Treat Hernia

There’s nothing better than finding a reliable, harmless natural cure for an ailment, rather than having to opt for complex treatments such as surgery. Diseases such as Hernia are extremely painful and uncomfortable but couldn’t it be fantastic to find natural home remedies for such an ailment, which are the simplest to try and quickest to cure Hernia?

Yes, a number of simple and quick ways are available to treat various types of Hernia. Let us discuss some of them here in this blog.

If you are unaware of what exactly Hernia is, it’s a part of an internal body organ such as intestine or fatty tissues, protruding through weakening muscles. The weakening spots are usually across the abdominal wall surrounding the organ. The ailment – A Hernia comes along with mild pain in the beginning, which becomes severe as Hernia grows larger and severe. A Hernia patient may reach a point when the growth of Hernia is uncontrollable and the pain is unbearable. So why not try out simple natural remedies to cure the symptoms of Hernia rather than striving to cure a severe one?

According to professional Hernia doctors, natural treatments are 100% safe and effective to great extent. However, while you choose some home remedies to cure Hernia symptoms, it’s necessary to choose the proven and successfully reviewed ones for best of desired outcomes.

  • Milk with a pinch of turmeric powder
  • A herbal mixture including fennel, citrus seeds, and hawthorn & litchi seeds
  • Smaller meals at regular intervals
  • High water intake
  • High fibre, high protein, low fat diet
  • Fresh green vegetables
  • Whole wheat ingredients
  • Fresh fruits such as pineapple, avocado and fruit juices
  • Gentle exercise as per expert consultation
  • Cold compress
  • One spoon of licorice herb powder in a half cup of milk, once a week
  • A cup of ginger root tea every day, on an empty stomach
  • Fresh buttermilk thrice a day

At Healing Hands Clinic, the best Hernia clinic in India, we recommend physiotherapy, dietary modifications and medication for treating Hernia. A latest technology procedure "Mesh Repair" is recommended as the last alternative to cure severe Hernia patients. In order to prevent the passage of fat or intestines once more, the abdominal wall's weak tissue is repaired, and the defect is sealed. According to a useful rule of thumb, It is essential to get a hernia treated as soon as possible and as effectively as possible if you are certain that you have one.


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