Novel Hernia Treatment for Guaranteed Relief

When an internal body part is pushed out through a weakness or tear in the surrounding tissue wall or muscle, ‘Hernia’ develops. It occurs when the contents of any internal body part bulge out of their original location. Usually, muscles of a human body are strong enough to hold adjacent organs in place; but if there are any weak spots, Hernia can certainly develop.

Why Does Hernia Occur?

Sometimes, muscle weakness may be present at birth but more often, it develops later in life. Any activity exerting an excess pressure on the abdomen can cause Hernia.

Lifting heavy objects without stabilizing abdominal muscles
Diarrhea & chronic constipation
Strained urination & bowel movements
Chronic cough
Poor nutrition
Previous surgery
Excessive smoking
Tips to Prevent Hernia

Regulate weight, if you are obese
Follow healthy, fibre-rich diet and regular exercise
Avoid lifting heavy loads
Avoid smoking
Treating Hernia

If you are suffering from Hernia which isn’t causing any problem while performing daily life activities, you may not need a surgical procedure to cure it. But, medication and physiotherapy may cure it effectively. However, if you experience extreme pain due to the Hernia bothering you during everyday’s activity, you might need a Hernia repair surgery. Hernia hardly heals by itself and usually grows larger. Thus, surgery is probably the ultimate treatment alternative to cure Hernia.

A Hernia repair surgery can be an open surgical procedure or a laparoscopic procedure.

Risks of Conventional Hernia Surgery

Breathing problems
Heart problems
Side reactions to medicines
Damage to blood vessels, nerves or organs
Damage to the testicles
Dr. Ashwin Porwal’s Healing Hands Clinic, a recognized Hernia Clinic in Pune, has come up with the latest & innovative technology Hernia treatment in Pune using a Prolene mesh.

3D Mesh Repair Direct & indirect Inguinal Hernia
V patch Repair Umbilical Hernia
Proflor Mesh Repair Inguinal Hernia
Octomesh Repair ventral Hernias such as Umbilical and Epigastric
Mesh Repair is the least invasive, minimum time consuming and tension free surgical intervention offering multiple benefits to a Hernia patient minimum number of stitches, small incisions, guaranteed relief from Hernia, minimum hospitalization, negligible recurrence rate and rapid recovery.

The founder of Healing Hands Clinic, Dr. Porwal, is a renowned Hernia doctor in Pune and all over Maharashtra. He has performed over 40,000 Hernia surgeries till date.

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