Are you shy of going to a doctor and talking about that problem you have in your bottom? Yes? Quite obviously, most of us are hesitant to open up about our diseases, especially the ones relating to our derrière. We end up bearing the pain hoping positively that sooner or later it will vanish on its own.

Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth, because I have learned from my own experience of ‘a pain in the ass’ that ignoring anorectal problems (that’s the fancy word for them in medical terms) like piles, constipation, fistula or fissure may eventually end up piling one problem over another. That’s because most of the times these diseases are interlinked. For instance, ignoring my constipation for too long can leave me with piles. Blood in the pot, excruciating pain while defecating , pus leaking out of the bottom, itching or burning near the anus to the extent of not even being able to walk properly are some of the horrifying symptoms of these diseases.

Not only do these problems affect you physically but they also make you feel isolated and lead to a big full stop to social life. How do I know this? Well, that’s because I have been a victim of one of these diseases and my shy nature inhibited me from seeking help. As luck would have it, I joined a well known centre called Healing Hands Clinic which is basically a speciality clinic for anorectal disorders. Until I joined here I lacked awareness about these diseases.

In fact even after working here and becoming more aware, I was afraid of sharing my problem with any of the doctors. But then there came a week with terrible pain which I couldn’t handle. I told my family members about the problem I was facing and they encouraged me to seek help. I finally opened up about my problem to Dr Ashwin Porwal (yes, he’s my boss!), and after a thorough check-up he diagnosed me with External Thrombosed Piles. Sounds scary! But Dr Porwal calmed me down and told me that it would be a minor procedure and I would be going home riding my bike in the next 2 hours. Honestly, I faced no pain during the surgery and after an hour and half I went home riding my bike free of pain. In fact I was back to work the next day itself, the only difference being I was a happier piles-free version of my previous self.

The reason I chose to speak about my experience is that I want to spread out a message to everyone that it’s time to say ‘NO’ to pain! Take your heads up and face it . Don’t be shy, speak up. It will bring about a change , a positive change that will change the way your day begins.

So lets say ‘ NO TO PAIN , AND SPEAK UP’. Lets spread awareness and encourage those who live with a problem they can easily choose to solve.

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