Getting to the Bottom of Constipation

For most of us, a good beginning to the day would mean a satisfactory visit to the toilet. According to a survey, 14% of people in urban India suffer from


However, definition of constipation is quite subjective as bowel habits vary from person to person. While a daily evacuation could be a necessity for one, another could empty on alternate days, and both the individuals are equally healthy. Thus, before clicking the panic button, wouldn’t it be wise to understand how the bowel normally functions and what actually constitutes constipation?

The bowel or intestine is a tube-like organ that extends from the stomach to the anus. It is divided into two parts. The upper part called ‘small intestine’ begins from the stomach and along with it, is responsible for digestion of food. It is also here that absorption of nutrients takes place; whatever remains is passed further into the ‘large intestine’ as liquid faeces. The large intestine aka colon absorbs water back into the body causing the faeces to become more solid. When these faeces reach the rectum (the lowest part of the colon), one feels the urge to pass motion.

    Signs of a healthy bowel

  • Soft but well formed stools
  • Passing stools 1-3times/day to 3times/week
  • No need felt to strain excessively, no pain
  • Passing motion within about a minute of sitting at the toilet
  • Feeling of complete evacuation at the end of defecation, you don’t have to go back in some time to pass more
  • Absence of bloating, excessive flatulence

An unhealthy bowel is a doorway to constipation that can cause piles, fissure, prolapse and above all a diminished sense of well-being. At Healing Hands Clinic,

a Proctology centre

that specialises in diseases of the rectum and anal canal, constipation is tackled with a multi-pronged approach. For those with an occasional bout or looking for a detox, there is Colon Hydrotherapy, which is a drug-free, safe and effective way to cleanse the colon. If constipation is chronic (lasting >3months), a holistic treatment MCDPA provides excellent results. MCDPA is an amalgamation of modern science and Ayurveda and includes herbal laxatives, Biofeedback and Ayurvedic oil therapy.

Obstructed Defecation Syndrome (ODS), a type of

chronic constipation

more common in women, cannot be corrected with any amount of medicines as it is a structural problem of the rectum and needs a surgical correction. Recently Dr Ashwin Porwal published his research paper on

chronic constipation

titled ‘STARR Surgery: Highest case series of 500 patients at India’s largest Proctology clinic

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