Don’t let varicose veins slow you down

Don’t Confuse Fissure with Piles

Varicose veins though often dismissed as a cosmetic problem, should not be ignored or taken lightly.If not investigated and treated correctly, varicose veins are likely to get worse. They are commonly found in those who have to sit/stand continuously for long hours. Heredity is another cause and varicose veinsare more common in females. These enlarged, bulging and twisted veins can get painful and unsightly. However, up to half of all

varicose veins

patients will show no overt signs of the condition until they cause a complication, as the troublesome veins remain hidden deeper under the skin. This leads to a lot of people ignoring them and accepting them, until a day that they reach an advanced stage and wake up the sufferer to a complication.

Common symptoms of varicose

veins are aching, discomfort and heaviness of the legs, which are usually worse at the end of the day. Sometimes the ankle can swell, too. Occasionally, high pressure in the veins causes damage to the skin around the ankle, leading to discoloration, rash (eczema) and in advanced cases, ulceration. Although diagnosis is straightforward, a test called Venous Colour Doppler is done for a detailed study regarding where the veins have come from, and helps in planning the line of treatment.

Compression stockings, worn regularly, are effective in controlling symptoms and preventing skin complications. When sleeping,it is beneficial to keep the legs elevated (about 9” above the ground) as this helps in emptying of the veins. Active treatment for varicose veins may not always be medically necessary especially in the earlier stages. However, a lot of patients, especially females, opt for treatment due to cosmetic reasons. Most of the older methods of treatment have a lot of side effects and high recurrence rates. This has led to the growing popularity of Endo-Venous Laser Ablation (EVLA), a highly advanced laser treatment which can be done with optimal precision with the aid of an ultrasound. The treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and is associated with minimal discomfort. One can return to his/her daily activities on the next day of the treatment.

Leonardo laser used for EVLA

was first introduced at

Healing Hands Clinic, Pune.

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